Thursday, April 29, 2010

easy email

How does Easy-Email work?

So what is the magic behind Easy-Email?

What makes it all tick?

This was originally going to be a long and detailed article.

But it is actually surprisingly simple:

  1. Instead of downloading your email to one computer you direct it to Gmail.
  2. Your computers and mobile devices synchronize with Gmail.

The fact that your computers synchronize with Gmail instead of downloading the email means that all of your computers have the same emails. And anything you do on one computer will be synchronized with Gmail... and then with any other computer or mobile device you use.

So if you send an email from your home computer you can see the sent email on your netbook or laptop. If you are using Gmail in an internet cafe and you move an email from your inbox to another folder the email will be moved on all your computers. If you read an email on one computer it will show as read on all your computers.

And the best thing is: It all happens automatically!



Email the way it was meant to be: Easy!


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