Monday, January 31, 2005


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Move over blogs, vlogs are here


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Hailed as the word of the year by Merriam Webster, 'blog' took the world by
storm in 2004. Its usage has been multiplying rapidly in everyday parlance,
as bloggers have come to acqui
re cult status.

The Fortune magazine recently named blogs, the abbreviated term for weblogs,
the top technology trend in 2005. According to blog search engine and
measurement firm Technorati, there are 23,000 new weblogs created each day.

Clearly, blogs are no fad and are here to stay. But the next wave on the
cards is the emergence of video logs or 'vlogs', a combination of blogs and
online videos. Instead of using text and graphic images to express opinions
and share information, bloggers are now using videos as the medium of

A recent BusinessWeek article profiles a number of functioning vlogs, such
as one run by a video producer, another belonging to a film editor and yet
another by an amateur web journalist, who shoots and uploads video news

Video on the Internet has been around for a while, but the proliferation of
high-speed broadband and the blog phenomenon has brought it in the
limelight, making it easier to find and share. Also, cheaper digital video
equipment and enforcement of universal copyright laws are convincing people
to put their work online.

Blogs work on a software known as really simple syndication, or RSS, a web
syndication protocol that lets people customise content. An RSS aggregator
checks for RSS-enabled webpages on behalf of a user and displays any updated
article that it finds. Thus it saves the user from repeatedly visiting
individual websites to check for updated content.


Sunday, January 30, 2005

30 Jan 2005

Ghandijee also said the following:-

The best way of losing a cause is to abuse your opponent and to trade upon
his weakness.
To forget how to dig the earth and tend the soil is to forget ourselves.
Art to be art must soothe.
I consider writing as a fine art. We kill it by imposing the alphabet on
little children and making it the beginning of learning.
A semi-starved nation can have neither religion nor art nor organization.
The greatest menace to the world today is the growing, exploiting
irresponsible imperialism.
Imperialism is a negation of God. It does ungodly acts in the name of God.
The untouchability of Hinduism is probably worse than that of the modern
An India prostrate at the feet of Europe can give no hope to humanity.
I would like to bury myself in an Indian village, preferably in a Frontier
It is the absolute right of India to misgovern herself.


[received from a senior friend]


1. Symptom: Cold and humid feet.
Cause: Glass is being held at incorrect angle (You are
pouring the drink on your feet).
Cure: Maneuver glass until open end is facing upward

2. Symptom: The wall facing you is full of lights.
Cause: You're lying on the floor.
Cure: Position your body at a 90-degree angle to the

3. Symptom: The floor looks blurry.
Cause: You're looking through an empty glass.
Cure: Quickly refill with your favorite beverage.

4. Symptom: The floor is moving.
Cause: You're being dragged away.
Cure: At least ask where they're taking you.

5. Symptom: You hear echoes every time someone speaks.
Cause: You have your glass on your ear.
Cure: Stop making a fool of yourself!

6. Symptom: The room is shaking a lot, everyone is
dressed in white and the music is very repetitive.
Cause: You're in an ambulance.
Cure: Don't move. Let the professionals do their job.

7. Symptom: Your dad and all your brothers are looking
very funny.
Cause: You're in the wrong house.
Cure: Ask if they can point you to your house


Hindu priest convicted of rape in UK

Indo-Asian News Service
London, January 29

A Hindu priest in Britain has been convicted of raping a devotee of Tamil
origin at a temple in London.

Ramanathan Somanathan, 41, a priest at a temple in Thornton Heath near
Croydon, south London, told his victim that she had been his wife in a
previous life, and that god had reunited them.

He raped the 29-year-old Tamil woman on two separate occasions, once in 2002
and again in 2003, after which she became pregnant and had an abortion, the
Croydon Crown was told.

The police praised the victim for the "tremendous courage" it took her to
come forward and seek justice.

"This case has been particularly distressing for both the victim and
witnesses involved. They ran the risk of being isolated by their own
community," said detective Rob Buckell of the Croydon police.

While stressing how rare such abuses of religious authority are, Buckell
condemned the priest for betraying his position of trust.

"He hid behind his religion and preyed upon the vulnerability of his
victims," he said.


Bihar student wasn't kidnapped, he had eloped with girlfriend
Sunday January 30 2005 00:00 IST


PATNA: The mystery of at least one missing Bihar schoolboy has been solved,
with police saying that Class 10 student Ranjan Kumar eloped with his
girlfriend and wasn't really kidnapped!

Over the past fortnight, at least five schoolchildren were reported to have
been abducted in the state, resulting in a hue and cry from parents,
educational institutions as well as political parties.

But while the others are yet to be found, police recovered Ranjan from
Chakia in East Champaran district.

A student of RPS school in Patna, he had gone missing from the school hostel
on Jan 26. Ranjan's father is a builder and it was reported that he was
kidnapped for ransom.

But Ranjan was not kidnapped as reported, Senior Superintendent of Police
N.H. Khan said. He had eloped with his girlfriend and subsequently married
her. Khan said Ranjan was in love with the girl, Khusboo, and the two
decided to run away.


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Thursday, January 27, 2005

27 jan 2005

Quit Smoking or Quit Your Job, U. S. Company Says

Wed Jan 26, 3:05 PM ET Health - Reuters

By Andrew Stern

CHICAGO (Reuters) - The owner of a Michigan company who forced his employees
to either quit smoking or quit their jobs said on Wednesday he also wants to
tell fat workers to lose weight or else.

A ban on tobacco use -- whether at home or at the workplace -- led four
employees to quit their jobs last week at Okemos, Michigan-based Weyco Inc.,
which handles insurance claims.

The workers refused to take a mandatory urine test demanded of Weyco's 200
employees by founder and sole owner Howard Weyers, a demand that he said was
perfectly legal.

"If you don't want to take the test, you can leave," Weyers told Reuters.
"I'm not controlling their lives; they have a choice whether they want to
work here."

Next on the firing line: overweight workers.

"We have to work on eating habits and getting people to exercise. But if
you're obese, you're (legally) protected," Weyers said.

He has brought in an eating disorder therapist to speak to workers, provided
eating coaches, created a point system for employees to earn health-related
$100 bonuses and plans to offer $45 vouchers for health club memberships.

The 71-year-old Weyers, who said he has never smoked and pronounced himself
in good shape thanks to daily runs, said employees' health as well as saving
money on the company's own insurance claims led him to first bar smokers
from being hired in 2003.


1945: Auschwitz death camp liberated The Red Army has liberated the Nazis'
biggest concentration camp at Auschwitz in south-western Poland.

According to reports, hundreds of thousands of Polish people, as well as
Jews from a number of other European countries, have been held prisoner
there in appalling conditions and many have been killed in the gas chambers.

Few details have emerged of the capture of Auschwitz, which has gained a
reputation as the most notorious of the Nazi death camps.

Some reports say the German guards were given orders several days ago to
destroy the crematoria and gas chambers. Tens of thousands of prisoners -
those who were able to walk - have been moved out of the prison and forced
to march to other camps in Germany.

Little did we know that we had arrived at a place, the name of which would
become as well known and remembered as any battle in the war

People's War memories »

Details of what went on at the camp have been released previously by the
Polish Government in exile in London and from prisoners who have escaped.

In July 1944 details were revealed of more than 400,000 Hungarian Jews who
were sent to Poland many of whom ended up in Auschwitz. They were loaded
onto trains and taken to the camp where many were put to death in the gas

Before they went they were told they were being exchanged in Poland for
prisoners of war and made to write cheerful letters to relatives at home
telling them what was happening.

According to the Polish Ministry of Information, the gas chambers are
capable of killing 6,000 people a day.

Another report from Poland told of mass arrests in the village of Garbatka
near Radom in the early hours of one morning in August 1942. Workmen were
accused of plotting to blow up a local factory. Twenty were executed on the
spot, the rest were sent to Auschwitz.

Since its establishment in 1940, only a handful of prisoners have escaped to
tell of the full horror of the camp.

In October last year, a group of Polish prisoners mounted an attack on their
German guards. The Germans reportedly machine-gunned the barracks killing
200 Polish prisoners. The Poles succeeded in killing six of their

When the Red Army arrived at the camp they found only a few thousand
prisoners remaining. They had been too sick to leave.

The capture of Auschwitz comes as the Red Army has made important advances
on three fronts: in East Prussia to the north, in western Poland as well as
Silesia in eastern Germany. Fighting is continuing around the historic
Polish western city of Poznan.

The Polish capital, Warsaw, was liberated a week ago after five-and-a-half
years of German occupation.

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Monday, January 24, 2005

24 Jan 2005

Till the formal launch of easynet on lst Muharram 1426H (10th February
2005), it will be available for use through the land line telephone at
limited number of exchanges spread across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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Versailles Hotel

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York International Hotel

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Zain International Hotel

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Prof.M.N. Vijayan in Deshabhimani Varikha Posted by Hello

Saturday, January 22, 2005

22 Jan 2005

Indians' Lack of Response Disappoints Embassy
Javid Hassan, Arab News

RIYADH, 8 January 2005 - An Indian Embassy official has expressed
disappointment with the lukewarm response of the Indian community to the
Prime Ministers' Relief Fund for the victims of the tsunami disaster.

He told Arab News that while the members of the community may have acted on
their own or through some association in channeling funds for the disaster
victims, that aid was not siphoned through the Prime Minister's Relief Fund.

"There is a possibility that aid disbursed through private channels could be
misused. We at the Indian Embassy are issuing proper receipts making the
whole operation transparent."

His reaction came in the wake of the fund-raising drive launched by the Sri
Lankan Ambassador that netted SR300,000 in one night. Members of the Indian
community have pitched in with a paltry fund of SR8,500 dashing the hopes of
the ambassador".


Learning From the Tsunami
Qenan Al-Ghamdi . Al-Watan

Immediately after the humanitarian disaster which followed the earthquake
and tsunami that devastated large areas in Asia, the Saudi government
announced a donation of $10 million. A few days later, the donation was
increased threefold to $30 million as the magnitude of the tragedy became
clearer. This was in turn followed by a telethon on Saudi Television last
week which raised more than $82 million in cash as well as enormous
quantities of much needed assistance in kind.

All of this is of course very good news. In my opinion, however, it should
be even better news; we have not done enough. The assistance so far given
has not put the Kingdom where it deservedly belongs as the leader of the
Muslim world. The scale of the disaster is beyond our comprehension and it
has prompted other countries to promise donations in the hundreds of
millions of dollars. To be sure, it is not all altruistic as there are
surely some hidden objectives but in the end, service to humanity remains
the driving force behind the quick and sustained response.

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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

19 jan 2005

High Court summons Advani in Babri case

LUCKNOW, JAN. 18. In a decision that may revive proceedings against him, the
Lucknow Bench of the Allahabad High Court today issued notice to the former
Deputy Prime Minister, L.K. Advani, to appear before it on February 25 in
the Babri Masjid demolition case.

Giving his order on a criminal revision petition filed by the Central Bureau
of Investigation (CBI) and the former Faizabad District Magistrate, R.N.
Srivastava, Justice M.A. Khan also issued notices to the former Union
Ministers, Murli Manohar Joshi and Uma Bharti, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad
leaders, Ashok Singhal, Vishnu Hari Dalmiya and Acharya Giriraj Kishore, and
the Shiv Sena leader, Moreswar Save.


Wealth cases: Supreme Court rejects Jayalalithaa's plea

By J. Venkatesan

NEW DELHI, JAN. 18. A five-member Bench of the Supreme Court today dismissed
the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, Jayalalithaa's ``curative petition'' seeking
a direction to recall the earlier orders shifting the two wealth cases
against her and four others from a Chennai court to a Bangalore court.

While praying for dismissal of the transfer petition (after the orders were
recalled) filed by the DMK general secretary, K. Anbazhagan, Ms.
Jayalalithaa prayed for a stay of all further proceedings before the
Bangalore Special Court till the apex court disposed of her curative

With the court rejecting her plea, the Special Court in Bangalore can now go
ahead with the trial. The other accused in the two cases are: Sasikala, a
close aide of Ms. Jayalalithaa; J. Ilavarasi, V. N. Sudhakaran and T.T.V.


`Same sex marriages Canada's own affair'

By Amit Baruah

NEW DELHI, JAN. 18. A Canadian controversy struck the Prime Minister,
Manmohan Singh, today. Dr. Singh was perplexed by a question from a Canadian
reporter on the issue of same sex marriages. "I didn't quite understand your
question properly," he told the journalist at a press meet with the Canadian
Prime Minister, Paul Martin.

Clearly more comfortable when dealing with issues such as free trade and
pitching for greater investment, the Prime Minister had the reporter repeat
her question - what was his view about the "objections" raised by Sikh
priests in Canada to same sex marriages?

Recovering quickly, Dr. Singh emphasised that the issue had to be addressed
internally by Canada. "This is an internal affair for Canada," he said,
adding that same sex marriages in India would not have wide appreciation.

--- Pygmy elephants found in State forests?

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM, JAN. 18. Wildlife photographer Sali Palode and `Kani'
tribesman Mannan encountered a small herd of five-foot-tall elephants in
Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary in the State last week, sparking speculation
whether the pygmy elephants the tribesmen of the region had been talking
about were, indeed, real.

They came across five of these elephants in a clearing close to the edge of
the sanctuary. The animals scurried into the thickets on sensing human
presence, but Mr. Sali Palode snapped a few pictures of one. But for their
small size, the elephants looked like full-grown adults, according to him.
He also ruled out the possibility of these animals being calf elephants, as
calf elephants are not known to move in a herd of their own, unaccompanied
by their elders.

There were no normal-sized elephants in the herd.

`Kani' tribesmen living in the Agasthyavanam Forests in southern Kerala had
for long been talking about pygmy elephants, which they call `kallana'.

The State Forest Department and wildlife scientists, however, tended to
believe that `kallana' was an animal that existed only in `tribal folklore'.
A decade ago, well-known elephant expert P.S. Easa had spent several months
in the forests of the region looking for the pygmies reported by the
tribesmen. His mission was not successful.

As recently as in September 2003, scientists had come out with DNA evidence
establishing that the small elephants found in the forests of Borneo belong
to a new subspecies with characteristics quite different from their cousins
found elsewhere in Asia.


Salient features of senior citizen savings account

10 January 2005

My father, who is in India, is 66 years of age. My mother is in her early
50s. They want to open a Senior Citizen Savings Account with the post office
because of the higher rate of interest. Can my mother be a joint holder
since she is not a senior citizen? Can you throw some light on the other
features of this scheme? Can my mother open an account with my father's name
as joint holder and deposit additional amount upto Rs15 lakhs in her name?

- D. Baliga, Sharjah

The Senior Citizen Savings Account can be opened either with a post office
or any authorised bank. In the case of a joint account, the age of the first
applicant/depositor is the only factor to decide the eligibility to invest
under the scheme. There is no age bar/limit for the second applicant/joint
holder. The total amount of investment in an account under the scheme is
attributed to the first applicant/depositor only. Question of any share of
the second applicant/joint account holder, therefore, does not arise.

As and when your mother qualifies as a senior citizen, she can open an
account in her name with your father as second holder. The account can only
be opened jointly with spouse and not with any other person. Therefore, at
that point of time, she can deposit Rs15 lakhs in her name and enjoy the
higher rate of interest.

Income/tax rebate and/or exemption is admissible under the scheme as per the
existing income-tax provisions. The depositors can get the interest earned
on the deposits under the scheme credited to their existing savings account
at the post office/ bank where their account under this scheme is
maintained. The savings account could be a single or joint account.

Electronic credit system facility is available in computerised bank
branches/post offices and the facility of post-dated cheques is also
provided. In case the account is not closed on completion of the five years,
maturity period is also not extended; post-maturity interest at the rate
applicable from time-to-time would be paid till the end of the month
preceding the month of closure. No time limit has been prescribed.


When I go back to India, I would like to start a nursery of plants so that I
could sell them and also export certain flowers to my contacts in the Gulf
as the market is growing. I made a study and found that it is a lucrative
business to be done in India on a small plot of land which I already have in
Bangalore. Would the profits which I make in India be exempted from tax
because I am told that the exemption for export profits is now no longer

- R. Krishnan, Bahrain

You are right. The exemption under section 80-HHC for export of goods is no
longer available from the assessment year 2005-06. However, in your case,
the income earned by you from the activity of floriculture which you intend
to start after your return to India, can be treated as agricultural income
which would enjoy complete income-tax exemption under section 10(1) of the
Income-tax Act, 1961.

I have no doubt that floriculture is also agriculture and, therefore, income
derived from growing ornamental, decorative or exotic plants for sale in or
outside India would be exempt from tax under section 10 without any limit.
However, if you merely trade in plants grown by other agriculturists, the
business profits would not be exempt. It is necessary that you must yourself
undertake agricultural operations of growing plants.

Further, it is not necessary that you must grow them on land. Some people in
the city grow plants in earthen pots placed in the compound of a house or on
a terrace. So long as the activities carried out involve planting seeds,
nurturing them and growing the plant ready for sale, the income would be
agricultural in nature and you would be entitled to claim exemption of such
income even if such activities are carried on in cities or towns and not in
rural areas. There are some decided judgments of courts in India where
cultivation of flowers of artistic and decorative value has been held to be
an agricultural activity.


Chennai astrologer foresees death, commits suicide Wednesday January 19 2005
00:00 IST

CHENNAI: K. Parthasarathy, a famous city astrologer, committed suicide early
on Monday because as per his astrology he would have died on January 21. He
therefore hanged himself to death, instead of waiting for death to come.

The astrologer, who lived Thulasinga Perumal Koil Street in Triplicane, was
60 years old and was consulted by VIPs, politicians, actors and actresses
for several decades. He was famous not only in Tamil Nadu but the entire
world. Dignitaries used to come to his house from all parts of the world for

He was bestowed the title of 'Jyotida Thilagam' because of his scholarship
and social standing.


1966: Indira Gandhi takes charge in India Indira Gandhi, only daughter of
India's first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru, is to become the country's
next leader. She was chosen at the end of a bitter leadership battle with
former finance minister Morarji Desai.

Following her win, Mrs Gandhi pledged herself to serve the Congress Party
and the country, and said she would "strive to create what my father used to
call a climate of peace."

Crowds had gathered outside Parliament House while the election was held,
and cheered Mrs Gandhi wildly as she went to the President's House to

She will not become prime minister until she submits her cabinet to the

Mrs Gandhi did not confirm she would be a candidate until four days ago,
when chief ministers from 11 of India's 16 states let it be known they would
support her to take over.

Another leading candidate, Gulzarilal Nanda, withdrew once it was clear Mrs
Gandhi would be running.

He has been acting as prime minister since the unexpected death of Mr
Nehru's successor, Lal Bahadur Shastri, earlier this month.

Mr Desai was under extreme pressure to pull out as well and avoid a
potentially damaging leadership contest, but he insisted on going to a vote.

It was predicted he would get less than 100 of the 526 votes from Congress
MPs, but he surprised many by winning 169 votes to Mrs Gandhi's 355.

Afterwards, Mr Desai pledged to cooperate fully with Mrs Gandhi. It is the
second time running he has been defeated in a leadership contest: the first
time, against Mr Shastri, he withdrew his candidacy without a vote.

Mrs Gandhi, 48, was educated at West Bengal and Oxford and has two sons,
Rajiv and Sanjay, who are both studying in England.

She gets her name not from Mahatma Gandhi, the legendary independence
campaigner and founder of the Congress Party, but from her husband Feroze
Gandhi, a lawyer who died in 1960.

The couple spent 13 months in prison for subversion after fighting against
British rule in India during the 1940s.

She has played a key part in the Congress Party since 1955, and served as
information minister in Mr Shastri's government

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Saturday, January 15, 2005


US ties with India may turnout to be less stable: NIC
Washington, Jan. 15. (PTI): The National Intelligence Council (NIC) has
expressed that US relations with India may turnout to be "less stable" and
New Delhi's democratic character may make it difficult for Washington to
deal with it in future
[US is not a democracy? or is it that it cannot deal democratically?]


it happened this day

1973: Nixon orders ceasefire in Vietnam
President Nixon has ordered a halt to American bombing in North Vietnam
following peace talks in Paris.
The decision comes after Dr Henry Kissinger, the president's assistant for
National Security Affairs, returned to Washington yesterday from France with
a draft peace proposal.

Representatives from North and South Vietnam and the United States have been
at the negotiating table and reports from Paris say progress has been made
with compromises on all sides.

But many political issues remain to be resolved.


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vacancy in riyadh

----- Original Message -----

From: "Karunakaran Pillai
Date: Thu, January 13, 2005 1:07 pm
To: "''"


Appreciate if you could spread this message to all concerned.



work location : one of leading bank in KSA

A Bachelor Degree
Good computer skills in English & Arabic
Good command in English & Arabic languages
Age not more than 40years old

Please contact
Sathyam between 08.00 am to 04.00 pm (Saturday to Wednesday)
Telephone no. : 01-201-2121 X - 329
Fax no. 01-201-2211


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Thursday, January 13, 2005

12 Jan 2005

15 Jailed for Anti-Govt Demonstration Abdul Wahab Bashir, Arab News

JEDDAH, 12 January 2005 - A court in Jeddah has sentenced 15 people,
including a Saudi woman, to prison terms and lashing for taking part last
month in an illegal demonstration called for by Saudi dissident Saad
Al-Faqih. Six other defendants are awaiting trial by the Shariah Court.

The state prosecutor objected to the sentences, saying they were too lenient
and demanded stiffer ones for the demonstrators who were arrested on Dec.
16. The sentences will be referred to the Court of Cassation.

One of the defendants, a Saudi woman, was sentenced to six months in prison.
Two foreign residents among the 15 were given separate jail sentences of
five and two months, according to Okaz. In all, 21 people were arrested in
Jeddah, 15 of them were tried and sentenced and the remaining six will
appear later in court.


Apple unveils low-cost 'Mac mini'

Apple has unveiled a new, low-cost Macintosh computer for the masses, billed
as the Mac mini.

Chief executive Steve Jobs showed off the new machine at his annual MacWorld
speech, in San Francisco.

The $499 Macintosh, sold for £339 in the UK, was described by Jobs as the
"most important Mac" made by Apple.

Mr Jobs also unveiled the iPod shuffle, a new music player using cheaper
flash memory rather than hard drives, which are used in more expensive


The new computer shifts the company into new territory - traditionally, the
firm is known as a design and innovation-led firm rather than as a
mass-market manufacturer.

The Mac mini comes without a monitor, keyboard and mouse, and a second
version with a larger hard drive will also be sold for $599.

The Mac mini will appeal to PC users looking for an attractive, 'no fuss'

Ian Harris, Mac Format

The machine - which will be available from 22 January - was described by
Jobs as "BYODKM... bring your own display, keyboard, and mouse".


France to honour this Pune citizen

PUNE, JANUARY 11: Indian spirituality held a 40-year-old Frenchwoman
spellbound and on a crisp February morning in 1970, she arrived here with a
suitcase full of books on India and no return ticket. Nishtatai stayed on,
working with the underprivileged and teaching French. On Wednesday, the
82-year-old will receive the French Government's Ordre National du Merite
(National Order of Merit) from the French Ambassador at a function in
Mumbai. She is among the seven recipients of the award in the country.

''The French Government wrote saying that the award was for my work -
teaching French here, acting as a cultural bridge between India and France
and for my efforts with the underprivileged,'' says Nishtatai in Marathi.

Having studied the Upanishads, she says, ''I follow the philosophy that you
always have to search more and more for the complete truth.'' So where is
home? ''India has been my only home from the day I landed.''

Her association with Pune runs deep - she has taught French at various city
colleges and is the co-founder of Alliance Francaise de Poona. ''I came to
Pune with just the clothes I was wearing and very little money. I bought a
saree when I came here and was given a flat in Bhawani Peth opposite
Kasewadi slum. I stayed there till the 1980s and worked with the


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Monday, January 03, 2005

Crisis drives the bus to Kutta [03012005]

Crisis drives the bus to Kutta

By P. Sainath

It is only the second stop yet on the road to Kutta and there is not a seat
left vacant on the bus. Nowadays, there are 24 such trips between
Manathavady in Wayanad and Kutta in Kodagu, Karnataka. - Photo: P. Sainath

Wayanad (Kerala): The bus journey from Mananthavady in Kerala to Kutta in
Karnataka is a tense one for B.J. Mani. His colleagues are missing. In the
estate where he must labour on the Karnataka side of the border, Mani won't
be allowed to work without the three-man team he promised. "If the others
don't show up, I have to go look for them," he says. "Which means I will
lose even more on bus fares and, quite likely, the day's wages as well."

Thousands of people from Wayanad are crossing the border into Karnataka and
Tamil Nadu every single day, looking for work. Several do this journey two
or three times a week, sometimes more. Mani is just one amongst dozens
jostling for space in the Kerala State Road Transport Corporation bus that
carries us at this moment. Wayanad's rich cash-crop economy has fallen
apart, shattering employment in the district. This single 6 a.m. bus from
here to Kutta in Karnataka's Kodagu district clearly captures that process.

Bus conductor Lawrence Jacob, who has been on this route since 1997, has
watched it unfold. "There were six trips a day to Kutta in 1995. Today, you
are on the first of 24 trips daily - a 400 per cent increase." Prior to
1995, the KSRTC did not have a bus on this route.

Lawrence, who is also an activist and local CITU leader, links the explosion
in the traffic to Wayanad's ongoing agrarian crisis. "The people in this bus
will work in Kodagu district at half the wage they used to get here. That
is, on those days that they do get work. Many are trapped into fake
agreements which their new bosses have no intention of honouring. But they
have no choice. There's no work in Wayanad."

Five years ago, says Lawrence, the bus was dominated by poor adivasis. They
are still the main travellers and their numbers have grown. But now there
are also many masons, carpenters, electricians, students and traders. Then
there are non-adivasi farm labourers in large numbers. And small and medium
farmers, too. A few of the latter trying to lease land cheaply in Kodagu to
cultivate ginger and other cash crops. At home, it's all in a mess.

"When there was work in Wayanad," says Mani, "I got a daily wage of up to
Rs. 120. Now I work for Rs. 80 a day in Kolikuppa." It's worse than it
looks. "My bus fare to the place is Rs. 34 - one way." Mani tries coping by
doing the journey only three times a week and staying over the other days.
"It means I spend very little time with my family. But what's the way out?
This slump in pepper and coffee prices really hit us."

P. K. Siddique is an estate worker too, heading for Kodagu. He gets Rs. 75 a
day. "And no bus fare," he laughs. Which means he pays the Rs. 27 it costs
to his particular stop and back. Besides him sits Shinoj Thomas, a mason.
With his skills, he can make up to Rs.150 a day in Karnataka minus the Rs.
30 he spends on bus tickets. "But I get a maximum of 15-20 days work in a
month," he says.

"All work in Wayanad has come to a standstill," says Thomas. "Just see the
countless unfinished houses in the district. These houses were begun when
farming was doing well. Once the crisis came along, construction ceased. No
one had any money to continue. That's why we work across the border for much
less than what we used to earn in Wayanad."

We're just past the second stop and the bus is already more than full. It
has 48 seats, but with over 20 standees it now carries around 70 people. Not
all 24 trips travel this full, but 55 to 60 would be the average, says
conductor Lawrence. "there's at least 1200 people on this route daily," he
says. "And that goes up quite a bit on market day. Mind you, the ticket cost
(Rs.13.50 till Kutta) is higher now than it was a few years ago. Yet, the
numbers of people going has shot up in these past two years."

"Construction workers used to come to Wayanad, not leave it," K. Nirmalan, a
KSRTC workers' union leader at the Sulthan Bathery depot had told us. "Then
construction stopped. Plantations drew a lot of workers. Then those went
into lockouts and closures. Earlier pepper was booming. Now that's gone.
Even this rise in outgoing buses doesn't tell the whole story. There are
many services other than KSRTC's. Those of the other states - and also a
host of illegal ones."

Many on the bus, like Shinoj Thomas, had not ventured out before 2002. Now
they do so in thousands. Buses on most outgoing routes have doubled to cope
with the flow. That from several centres - and not just to Kutta. The basic
story is one of comprehensive collapse of employment in Wayanad. Each
traveller out of the district reflects that in his or her own way. Thousands
of people, their earnings halved or worse, seek unsteady work across the

A little over an hour later, in Kutta, a dejected B.J. Mani says his
colleagues have not shown up for work. "I'll have to go back looking for
them. "My whole day will be gone, not to speak of the bus fare." He boards
the return bus an hour later. Meanwhile, new loads of workers descend from
the incoming bus. People mill around waiting for transport that will take
them further into Kodagu. A group of seven young carpenters from Wayanad is
amongst them. "I've been doing this for two years," says A.M. Biju from the
group. "We will stay a month in Karnataka in a room provided by the man we
are working for. Before, there was a lot of work in Wayanad. Now there is
none, so here we are. That is our story."

On the bus to Kutta, everybody has a story.

[From The Hindu Newspaper]

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Sunday, January 02, 2005

Furnished Apartments in Dubai [0201051341]


dear sir

pls find list of furnished apartments in dubai, just for reference and info.  i shall fix up something, in consultation with you, after the reservations are finalized.

tks n bst rgds




Furnished Apartments in Dubai

Apartment Building PO Box (Dubai) Tel
No. of Apts
Al Baraha Land Suites ** 55777 2721999 2722888 100
Al Baraha Star Furnished Apartments (Studio apartments also available) 16347 2726777 2726216 52
AL Bustan Residence 20107 2630000 2630005 640
AL Deyafa Furnished Apartment 1835 2282555 2282552 28
AL Ghurair Centre (Rates are for 3-BR apartments) 6999 2232333 2285356 350
AL Khaleej Holidays 19260 2276565 2279686 82
AL Khifaf Apartments 9168 3367479 3348137 144
Al Muraqbat Plaza 20127 2690550 2699779 61
AL Muteena Furnished Apartments (Studio apartments also available.) 1714 2710098 2710292 26
Al Nakheel Furnished Apartments 14989 2241555 2286066 44
Al Rahman Furnished Apartments 28823 3524004 3524007 56
Al Riqqa Plaza Furnished Apartments 14276 2221919 2248533 168
Al Shams 27961 3551200 2524123 70
AL Terhal Apartment 21460 2258811 2259628 12
Almas Furnished Apartments (Studio apartments also available) 29530 3557899 3557332 112
Baisan Residence (Rates are for studio apartments only) 28461 3554545 3551707 126
Back to top
Binsuloom Plaza Furnished Apartments 5041 2241777 2241565 70
Blanco Furnished Apartments 3 2273400 2213863 33
Capital Furnished Apartments 15270 2222227 2222235 28
Corniche Furnished Aapartments (Studio apartments also available) 21125 2722555 3722557 40
Deebaj Alkhabisi Plaza Furnished Apartments 27275 2620666 2660123 68
Dubai Inter-continental Plaza 8811 2222691 2211918 -
Dubai World Trade Centre Apartments 9229 3314555 3313800 492
Embassy Suites 25249 2698070 2684116 40
Embassy Suites (Branch) 25249 2226400 2224794 28
Golden Line Furnished Apartments 1714 2250240 2250259 22
Golden Sands I 9168 3522274 3527953 154
Golden Sands II 9168 3525207 3527953 210
Golden Sands III (Rates are for studio apartments only) 9168 3514683 3514542 280
Golden Sands V (Rates are for studio apartments only) 9168 3526562 3527931 194
Back to top
Golden Sands VI (Rates are for studio apartments only) 9168 3526562 3514516 146
Golden Sands VII 9168 3552999 3527931 56
Golden Sands VIII 9168 3554747 3527931 56
Golden Sands X 9168 3555552 3557761 154
Gondola Inn 29187 2683333 2661300 42
Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza 23215 3311111 3314955 585
Homes R Us Furnished Apartments Rental 21210 3497774 3497787 500
Imperial Residence 25056 3553555 3553887 84
Kams House 12769 3519111 3526988 17
Liwa Plaza 1450 2279111 2247722 53
London Crownn ApartmentsI 50151 3519000 3517711 140
London Crownn Apartments II (Studio apartment also available.) 50151 3516999 3525048 120
Lord Furnished Apartments 28634 2232200 2227607 42
Morjana Plaza 2424 3420055 3420388 36
Nawarah Residence(Rates are for studio apartments only) 24229 3557011 3557020 91
Back to top
Orchid Furnished Apartments 14042 2289289 2228448 84
Prince House Furnished Apartments 14638 2287474 2228101 8
Rax Residential Apartments 29552 2223556 2684855 6
Rimal Residence 27070 2688000 2688777 124
Royal Imperial Residence 26644 3553668 3591743 126
Royal Plaza Furnished Apartments (Asterisked rates for 3-BR) 14483 2236444 2218326 36
Royal suites Dubai (Rates for 3-BR apartments) 29522 2238111 2241114 28
Savoy residence 28950 3553000 3551330 126
Serai Residence 29726 2212693 2212231 25
Silver sand I 9168 3522274 3527953 140
Silver Sand II 9168 3522274 3527953 32
The Galleria,Dubai 6655 2720222 2720440 355
Tower No. One Apartments 31003 3444470 3444117 167
Wafi Residence 26631 3347222 3359651 124
Wellington Furnished Aoartments 22970 2281002 - 8
Winchester Residence 29016 3550111 3556996 56

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