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Email Etiquette / Sharing A Web Page In Internet Explorer / VS & Edasserry

Email Etiquette

by Chris Pirillo on October 20, 2006 at 11:07 pm · Comments

Email etiquette should still be alive and well. Let me share a few
pointers that you might care to pass along, privately, to those who
may not be aware of the unspoken rules. Unless everybody knows
everybody else in an email thread, it's always best to use the BCC
option. Believe me, every single email utility on the planet has a BCC
option. But wait, there's more you need to remember!

Be wary of any kind of attachment - even if it comes from someone you know.
If a file you wish to send is larger than 2MB, think twice before sending it.
HTML stationery is annoying; if you don't need to use it, don't.
As the comic above illustrates, use BCC instead of CC to keep other
email addresses private.
Don't delete relevant information when you reply to someone.
If you can't spell well, rememmber to run a spell check before sending.
Try to keep your messages as short as possible - you're not writing a novel.
Check Snopes before forwarding info that sounds too good to be true.
Never send emails when you're mad - wait until you calm down first. Trust me.
Triple-check that you're not sending a message to someone who shouldn't see it.
Remember that when you send something electronically, it has the
potential of "living" forever.
Before you forward an email joke, make sure it's funny first. Please?


Sharing A Web Page In Internet Explorer

Have you ever visited a Web site containing information that you would
love to share with a friend, your family, or your co-workers? In IE,
you can send the page or a link to the page via email to someone else.

Open the File menu, select Send, and click Page By E-mail or Link By
E-mail. IE will automatically launch the email program, such as
Outlook Express, it is configured to use. The email message you send
will contain the information you've chosen. All you need to do is
address the email and click the Send button.


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