Monday, April 21, 2008

Text manipulation tools / Translation

Text manipulation tools

It is likely that you come across a situation, where you need to get a
few text lines sorted in alphabetical order. No need to hunt for a
programme to do this. Access the service Alphabetizer
(, paste the text, click on the
'Alphabetize' button and obtain the sorted text.

If you are looking for a more versatile text manipulation tool, try
out Textopus (

Apart from getting lines alphabetized, Textopus offers a variety of
text manipulation tools.

For instance, if you wish to 'clean' a text written without proper
spacing, and capitalisation, the 'Clean Text' option of Textopus could
do the job.

Apart from the said features, Textopus toolbox contains tools for
reversing lines, shuffling letters, adding line numbers, and deleting
duplicate lines.

This service can also be used to convert text into numbers in formats
such as hexadecimal, binary and ASCII.

Owing to the availability of a variety of language learning and
translation services such as Google Translate
(, language related
communication barriers are gradually disappearing.

Now, if you want to translate a sentence directly from a web page
using Google Translate, install the Firefox extens ion Gtranslate
( Once the
extension is installed, any text selected from your web page can be
translated into any other language by just right-clicking and
selecting the 'Translate' option. Of course, the translation can only
be done into the languages supported by Google's translation service.
Currency converter

Converting currency of a country to that of another is an important
need in today's globalised context.

In this regard, take a look at the 'Currency conversion tools' site ( that hosts currency
related updates.


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