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Tantri Maheshwarererer in Portugal !!!

Fake priest arrested baptizing baby
Mon Jun 25, 2007 9:42am ET

LISBON (Reuters) - A man pretending to be a priest was arrested by
police as he prepared to baptize a baby in a small town in the north
of Portugal.

"When the man said 'in the name of the Father, Son and the Holy
Spirit' police came in and grabbed him," a member of the church was
quoted by local daily Jornal de Noticias as saying.

A spokeswoman for the Portuguese police said the 34-year-old man was
arrested on suspicion of impersonating a priest and had several
similar arrest warrants to his name.

"We had to interrupt the religious ceremony to identify the suspect,"
said spokeswoman Amelia Moutinho, adding that the public prosecutor
would now investigate the case.

The baby was later baptized by a real priest, the local daily said.
The man was arrested on June 16.

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vayana dinam

The Hindu : Opinion / Editorials : Bailing out `Q' once again - Sent Using Google Toolbar

The Hindu : Opinion / Editorials : Bailing out `Q' once again

Bailing out `Q' once again

The conspiracy to let Ottavio Quattrocchi off the hook has assumed the dimensions of a Machiavellian farce. The reasoning by an Argentinian court for rejecting the Central Bureau of Investigation's plea to have him extradited strongly points to yet another disingenuous plot to shield the controversial Italian businessman from the law. The court's explanation for the rejection — that the CBI's papers were not in order and that the very basis for seeking his arrest was legally flawed — suggests that the Congress-led Government was hardly serious in bringing Mr. Quattrocchi to India to face trial in the Bofors case. The Argentinian judge held that the CBI's extradition plea was flawed on at least two major counts. The agency has failed to furnish a valid arrest warrant, which should have been issued following the 2004 and 2005 Delhi High Court judgments in the Bofors case. The submitted warrant, issued about a fortnight after Mr. Quattrocchi was detained in Argentina earlier this year, did not spell out the reasons for arresting him as required by Argentinian law. It is one thing if the extradition plea were to be rejected even after the CBI put its best case forward. It is quite another to have it turned down because of a suspiciously shoddy and technically flawed plea. The embarrassment to the prosecution has only been compounded by the court's order that the CBI pay Mr. Quattrocchi's legal costs.

The manner in which the extradition trial was handled is in keeping with the Centre's yielding, if not collusive, attitude towards Mr. Quattrocchi, a key accused in the Bofors case and a close friend of the Nehru-Gandhi family when the Rs.1437 crore howitzer contract was concluded in 1986. In 1993, the Congress government allowed the Italian businessman to flee the country, an unforgivable lapse that resulted in a huge setback to the Bofors case. Last year, the Centre brazenly facilitated lifting the freeze on two of Mr. Quattrocchi's London bank accounts, by suggesting there was no evidence to link them to the Bofors payoffs and thereby virtually knocking the bottom out of the case. When he was arrested in Argentina on February 6 this year, on the basis of a 1997 Interpol Red Corner notice, the Centre maintained an inexplicable silence for over a fortnight. Shockingly, the Additional Solicitor General misled the Supreme Court by not informing it about the arrest in a case relating to Mr. Quattrocchi's London bank accounts. Clearly, the Centre seems prepared to go to any length to protect the man referred to as `Q' in former Bofors chief Martin Ardbo's diary and linked to the illegal payoffs made by the Swedish arms manufacturer through a shadowy company called A.E. Services. The CBI must appeal against the verdict in the Supreme Court of Argentina after ensuring it does its paper work — this time thoroughly and honestly.

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Fwd: EMS Govt dismissed ?????

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Subject: EMS Govt dismissed ?????
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Fwd: Valuable Information.....(BLOOD GROUPS)

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Fwd: success of sorts

Fwd: The Hindu : Front Page : Take action against Jayalalithaa: court - Sent Using Google Toolbar

The Hindu : Front Page : Take action against Jayalalithaa: court

Take action against Jayalalithaa: court

Special Correspondent

CHENNAI: The Madras High Court on Wednesday directed the Election Commission to initiate penal action against the former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, Jayalalithaa, for having filed "false declarations" before election authorities in 2001 when she filed her nomination in four Assembly constituencies.

A Division Bench, comprising Justices Dharmarao Elipe and S. Palanivelu, passed strictures against the Commission as well as Ms. Jayalalithaa and said: "Persons holding high offices/positions should be role models to the general public, and if they venture to commit flagrant violations of the rules and laws, that too knowingly, as in this case, it should not be taken lightly, sending wrong signals to the public that laws are meant only for the general public and not for the bigwigs who can go scot-free."

The Bench was passing orders on a public interest litigation petition filed by Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam MP C. Kuppusamy, who said that Ms. Jayalalithaa had rendered herself liable for prosecution for offences under Section 177 (furnishing false information before a public servant) of the IPC.

She had filed nominations in the Andipatti, Krishnagiri, Bhuvanagiri and Pudukottai constituencies, and all the papers were rejected.

The Bench said that Ms. Jayalalithaa's declaration in the third and fourth constituencies — that she had not been nominated from more than two segments — was "false to her own knowledge and amounts to violation of Section 33(7)(b) of the Representation of the People Act."

The returning officers of the two segments "might have been too loyal to Ms. Jayalalithaa, whose party, at the relevant time, was ruling the State," the judges remarked, adding: "In the strong opinion of this court, the respondents, including the Election Commission of India, have not acted in the manner required by law."

Fwd: reverse mortgage

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Let us look forward to all such banking and financial instruments be made available for all the citizens of India.
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White Lies of Malayala Manorama

So called Courts of Justice

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Fwd: The Hindu : Business : Google Gears: yet another innovation - Sent Using Google Toolbar

The Hindu : Business : Google Gears: yet another innovation

Google Gears: yet another innovation

Enables online applications to function offline

Google has integrated this feature into its popular online application Google Reader, an online web feed reader.

THERE IS a never-ending stream of innovations from Google. This week, NetSpeak takes a look at Google Gears, the new Google toolkit that has been developed for enabling online applications to function offline as well.

Online versions of almost all types of desktop applications are in place. Development of Net technologies and their rapid adoption worldwide has accelerated this trend. We have already seen a variety of applications such as an online office suite (Google Documents, Zoho and the like), web-based database (like Lazybase- and so on. Though an online application allows us to access our data any time anywhere, all of it remains inaccessible once we are offline. This is a major bottleneck when we travel or are not able to connect to the net. Ideally, we need the application to be functional irrespective of our net status. This means the online application should be able to keep the data both on its server and on the user's local storage. The latest product from Google, Google Gears, has been created to serve this requirement.

Google Gears

Google Gears ( is an open source browser plug-in meant to help web developers create applications capable of working not only online but offline as well. It provides an application with the necessary tools for keeping the data on the user's storage as well as on the server. It also lets the application store its other resources (like HTML files and script files) on the desktop while the user is offline. When the user goes offline, Gears automatically picks up the data from the local storage.

To use this facility you have to `Gears-enable' your browser by installing Gears plug-in. Once this plug-in is added, any Gears-enabled application can be used to function in either offline or online mode.

While Gears is at present useful only for web developers, Google has provided a taste of it for the ordinary users of the net as well. Google has integrated this feature into its popular online application Google Reader, an online web feed reader. As readers may already know, an online news reader helps you subscribe/read news feeds from anywhere on the net. However, unlike with a desktop news feed reader, with an online reader you will not be able to read the content when offline. Now, with this Gears enabled version of Google Reader (, you can read the content offline as well - if your browser is equipped with Gears.

To test the service, access it from the web site. Now, if the browser is Gears-enabled, a security warning box will pop-up for you to allow the application to use your desktop storage. Press `Allow' and enable the Google Reader's offline functionality. Now, click on the green icon and download the feed items onto your local storage. Once this is done, you will be able to read the content even if you are offline.

Though currently there are not many applications which Gears supports, it is likely that many services will soon adopt this technology and facilitate taking them online as well. At least on Google's services (like Google Docs and spreadsheets) we may find offline functionality via Gears in the near future.

Blog backup service

Blogging is now becoming an indispensable tool for academicians and students. For a serious blogger the content is quite valuable and should certainly be looking for means to protect it. In this context, the free online service, BlogBackupOnline ( /), developed for helping bloggers keep a backup of their text content online, could come handy.

After signing up with the service, you just need to type in its address to take the back up of the blog. To manage the backup process, the service offers a control panel. Besides helping a blogger take the complete backup of the blog's text content, the service can be used to duplicate one's blog too. For instance, if you have a WordPress blog (say, and wish to keep the content on another blog (hosted on Blogger, with the URL:, BlogBackupOnline will come very handy. To duplicate a blog's content, first take its backup, then access the control panel by pressing the 'Manage' button. Now, from the menu, select the 'Restore' option and provide the log-in details of your target blog.


As we already know, a wiki, is a web site with pages editable by its readers. This technology, which has made the Wikipedia possible, is being tried out to generate a variety of information services. wikiHow ( is one such Wiki-based project recently tried out by this author. This "collaborative writing project" attempts to build a free how-to manual with the help of netizens who have solutions to different problems. A variety of articles such as English punctuations— ( ctuation-Correctly), Calculating Centre of Gravity (— can be read from the service.


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The Hindu : Front Page : Telugu words found in Hebrew literature - Sent Using Google Toolbar

The Hindu : Front Page : Telugu words found in Hebrew literature

Telugu words found in Hebrew literature

W. Chandrakanth

A 1794 BC stone tablet established that the Sumerian-Assyrian culture had its roots in Andhra Pradesh

Samyuktha Koonaiah

CHENNAI: In a path-breaking revelation, a young research scholar of Potti Sriramulu Telugu University has come out with recorded evidence linking Telugus and Israelis on the basis of Telugu words found in Hebrew literature.

The disclosure was made by Samyuktha Koonaiah in her presentation at a seminar on `Telugu History and Culture' on the concluding day of the three-day All India Telugu Conference here on Sunday. She quoted epigraphic evidence traced from Bahrain in support of her argument.

Ms. Samyuktha, who is doing her research on `Andhra Pradesh - The missing link - Tilmun language and Telugu', said a 1794 BC stone tablet established that the Sumerian-Assyrian culture had its roots in Andhra Pradesh.

Interesting revelations

In fact, an article titled `The Seafaring Merchants of Ur' published in the American Oriental Society in1954 by A. L. Oppenheim contains several Telugu words to prove that Abraham migrated from the `land of darkness', the `Andhaka Desa' as the Andhra region was known in the past, she said.

Research findings suggest that `Barbar' or `Barbaras', a native tribe living in the south of the Vindhyas was a common name in Assyrian culture. An earliest instance of calling children `Bullutu' was similar to that of the Telugu usage Bulli, Bullodu etc, she said. Another `provincial spelling' in Telmun literature and references to Sumero-Akkadian vocabularies contain this sentence `ni imta ha-is' similar to that of `nee intiki vachchi' (come to my home).

Letter on tablet

A stone tablet also contained a letter from a seafarer to a local trader demanding to know why he did not sell a particular commodity at a price agreed upon and why it was not weighed properly too.

Old Babylonian legal documents which were unearthed by archaeologists contain evidence of this letter belonging to one member of the Guild of Dilmun, Ea-Nasir. One of its lines when pronounced in Telugu becomes "ayya adhi annakimmani, tusi (tuchi) immani, maaki antundhi" (something to the effect `I have asked you to give it to my brother after weighing'. It was a deal about copper ingots.

Telling proof

Quoting several such examples Ms. Samyuktha said there was sufficient proof to link those Sumerian cultures with the Telugus. Hebrew, Sumerian and Assyrian records abound in such descriptions and suggest that the present Israelis belonged to Andhra Pradesh.

Ms. Samyuktha argues that Kamakur village in Balayapalli mandal of Nellore district still has 21 Jewish families. Only they are not even aware that they are Jews. She is one among them and her first name Kooniah could be found in Hebrew as Koni, she says.

You too Manorama ?

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