Sunday, October 30, 2005



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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Again Scam - now on Lottery Tax

Again Scam - now on Lottery Tax, originally uploaded by naamhs.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Civil rights icon Rosa Parks dies /

Civil rights icon Rosa Parks dies 

Detroit: Rosa Parks, the black woman whose single handed protest sparked the civil rights revolution in America has died.
The 92-year-old icon of the racial equality movement died in her sleep on Monday surrounded by a small group of friends and family members, according to her lawyer Shirley Kaigler.
Parks was a 42-year-old seamstress for a department store in Alabama when she caught a bus in the town of Montgomery on December 1, 1955.
Three stops after she got on, a white man boarded and had to stand. Parks was arrested after refusing to give up her seat for him and uttering the words: “I'm tired of being treated like a second-class citizen.”
Her arrest and subsequent court appearance sparked a boycott of the bus system, led by a Then unknown Reverend Martin Luther King Jr.
The boycott lasted 381 days, and led to a US Supreme Court decision forcing Montgomery to desegregate its bus system.
Parks received the highest U.S. civilian honor, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, in 1996 and Congressional Gold Medal of Honor in 1999.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Tsunami caused by a bomb??

Please take a look at the following link, the same order

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Sunday, October 23, 2005

RIFA is organizing a seminar on the above mentioned subject "New Agenda for Kerala Development" on 28 October 2005

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From: Raveendran Muraleedharan
Sent: Sunday, October 23, 2005 11:00 AM
Subject: please post in your group
Dear friend,

As responsible people from kerala the gulf malayalees are very
much concerned about the total social and economic development of the
ordinary people of kerala. The governments that ruled kerala since
independence implemented various measures for the emancipation of the poor
and the downtrodden. How far they succeeded in achieving the target?

It is now certain that in April-May 2006 a new government will
take office. What ought to be their agenda for the comprehensive development
of the ordinary people in the coming years?

RIFA is organizing a seminar on the above mentioned subject "New
Agenda for Kerala Development" on 28 October 2005. The presenter of the
subject is Mr. Suresh Kumar Mundiyath.

The October issue rifa monthly magazine "aksharam" will also be
released on that day.

The presentation will start at 7.00 PM, soon after the ifthar
party being organized by rifa

Space constraint is forcing us to make the attendance by
invitation only. Anyone from this group seriously aspiring for participation
in the ifthar and discussion may write to us.

With best regards,

Ahmed Melattur



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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Poll selects Noam Chomsky as world's top intellectual


Poll selects Noam Chomsky as world's top intellectual

Duncan Campbell

Distinguished professor remains unimpressed by the honour

Noam Chomsky

LONDON: He is in his 70s and first became known for his theory of transformational grammar — and now he is top of the thinkers' hit parade. Noam Chomsky, the Professor of Linguistics who has become one of the most outspoken critics of American foreign policy, has won a poll that names him the world's top public intellectual.

Prof. Chomsky, who was underwhelmed by the honour, beat off challenges from Umberto Eco, Richard Dawkins, Vaclav Havel and Christopher Hitchens to win the Prospect/Foreign Policy poll.

More than 20,000 voters from around the world took part in selecting the winners from a list of 100.

Missing segments

The most striking aspect of the list is the shortage of the young, the female and the French. Only two of the top 10, Mr. Hitchens and Salman Rushdie, were born after the War, and Naomi Klein is the highest placed woman, at 11.

France provides one name in the top 40, fewer than Peru and Iran provide.

Since the poll was for the world's leading intellectuals, it should come as no surprise that websites manned by supporters of Prof. Chomsky, Mr. Hitchens and Abdolkarim Soroush were used to draw attention to it.

Prof. Chomsky's supporters are clearly the most energetic: he took 4,800 votes to Mr. Eco's 2,500. The voters came mainly from Britain and the U.S.

Sceptical winner

"I don't pay a lot of attention to them," said Prof. Chomsky on Monday night of the poll. "It was probably padded by some friends of mine!"

Pondering the absence from the list of younger intellectuals, David Herman asks in the new issue of Prospect: "Who are the younger equivalents to [Jurgen] Habermas, Chomsky and Havel? Great names are formed by great events.

But there has been no shortage of terrible events in the last 10 years." Only two of the Top 20 have yet to reach the age of 50.

Alternative perspectives

The choice of Prof. Chomsky will be welcomed and contested by many of the same names who responded delightedly or furiously to the award of the Nobel Prize for Literature to Harold Pinter last week.

In recognition of this, Prospect offers some alternative perspectives, with Robin Blackburn arguing for Prof. Chomsky's right to head the list as both a brilliant expositor of linguistics and a vital critic of the U.S. abroad.

Oliver Kamm, however, dismisses him as a knee-jerk anti-American who is cavalier about his sources.



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