Tuesday, November 26, 2019

cloudHQ Multi Email Forward for Gmail

A good service that can be accessed at cloudHQ.net

This is so simple and quick, and steps are as easy as

Need to forward hunderds of emails?
Need to migrate your account?
  Select emails
  Hit the forward button  
  And relax - everything is done in the cloud

Five good reasons to try it are
👉 A User-Friendly Solution
👍 It Runs In The Cloud
😉 Onboarding New Employees Made Easy
💼 Changing jobs
👏 Save Emails For Reference

There is also a chrome extension which is very handy.  This can also work on gmail if using chrome browser and on signing in and authorizing the service, the work is just a breeze !

Other round-about and traditional options are not easy.  for eg., the script route is great; however, Gmail puts a max 100 email/day sending limit, so it will take weeks for people with a lot of email to forward.  The poster of the script is right - none of these other methods are valid.  The "forward incoming mail" option only works on future email.  The "create a filter" option absolutely does not work... it only works on future emails.  When you're creating the filter, and you check the "forward to" checkbox, you can see at the bottom of the screen, Gmail says plainly that past emails will not be forwarded. 

Compared to such troubles, CloudHQ is very good, and the following description is perfect:-

CloudHQ, an email productivity tool, has launched various useful extensions for Gmail in the past. Now they release another ‘Gmail Multi Email Forwarding extension’ that allows you to froward bulk emails to anyone. It offers a bunch of ways to forward multiple emails at once and also lets you set up an automatic forward option for new emails.
Here is a list of all the different ways this extension lets you forward emails:
  • Forward selected emails individually
  • Forward selected emails in one email
  • Forward selected emails in one email as EML attachments
  • Forward selected emails in one email as PDF attachments
  • Migrate All Emails from one Gmail account to another
  • Migrate particular emails based on email filter
This extension lets you forward single or multiple emails as individual PDFs or metered PDF. Since it adds emails as an attachment so you can forward them to multiple people at once.

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