Wednesday, June 27, 2012

MobileMe is moving to the iCloud

MobileMe is moving to the iCloud.
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MobileMe is moving to the iCloud

If you're a MobileMe user, you've probably been seeing one of these emails daily. Since the MobileMe service is being discontinued, we will no longer be able to offer syncronization with your MobileMe files in Otixo.
We won't immediately delete your MobileMe account from Otixo, but it will stop syncronizing. To remove your MobileMe account from Otixo, please right click on the MobileMe icon and select "Remove".

Otixo & the iCloud

Unfortunately, Apple hasn't released a web API for the iCloud, which is why we haven't included it in Otixo. We're keeping our fingers crossed that they release one soon, but we think we're just going to end up getting arthritis.

Good News

Since this email is a bit of a downer, we can't help but give you a hint about a coming-soon Otixo integration. We sure hope you're fans of CX, because we are. Who doesn't love 10 GB of free storage? ;)
Happy Otixoing,
-The Otixo Team

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