Wednesday, September 24, 2008

We, the American people don't want John McCain & Sarah Palin make a "3rd term failed & disastrous Bush Government"!

  • We, the American people don't want John McCain & Sarah Palin make a "3rd term failed & disastrous Bush Government"!

ABOUT MS. SARAH PALIN, (the Republican Vice-Presidential Candidate)
  • We, American people wonder how can a person who can not lead own child in righteous & moral ways can lead our country and us, the American people in the right ways.  The Republican vice president candidate, Ms. Sarah Palin's 17 year old daughter is pregnant without getting married.  Ms. Sarah Palin failed her moral and parental  responsibility towards her daughter and GOD and many others.  The Bible says: "If a person does not know how to rule own house, how can that person take care of others"
  • Ms. Sarah Palin should teach her daughter that Fornication and/or Adultery is a sin.  Doing sex under age 18 is a crime under United States Law before becoming the Vice President of our great, gracious, religious, Christian nation i.e. United States of America .
  • How can anyone who failed the above serious responsibility, can be responsible & qualified to be a Vice President.  When President Clinton had an improper relationship, the REPUBLICANS made him undergo wasting  toooooooooooo much American people's tax money and time.....I hope we all remember that.  He was tried to be impeached just for improper relationship - not for fornication or adultery.
  • Hey America wake up and get real.

About Mr. John McCain (the Republican Presidential Candidate)

  • John McCain is a great war hero of unnecessary & failed Vietnam War.  So he deserve a monument in Washington as a war hero, but he can not make himself a good president with wisdom & proper judgments Because he has no qualifications to become the American president.  He will draw our country to unnecessary war/wars with other country/countries as President, Bush did.  See what happened in the case of Iraq war.  Mr. McCain voted for the Iraq war, when Obama (the Democratic Presidential Candidate) voted against the Iraq war.
  • Now almost numerous Millions (1,000,000s) of the American people think that Iraq war was a big mistake. 
  • There was no weapons of mass distruction as President, Bush claimed.
  • Saddam Hussein, the Iraq president was hanged to death for killing 65 Iraqi people. 
  • As a result of this unnecessary war:
  • (1)  To conduct this war, Our President Bush had to sacrifice more than 4000 American sons & daughters and/or husbands & wives and/or fathers & mothers and/or brothers & sisters.who were in our most beloved troops. 
  • (2)  To conduct this war, numerous 100,000s of Americans & Iraqis got injured and/lost their beloved lives.
  • (3)  Numerous 100,000s of Iraqi people became injured, homeless and refugees in other countries as they became homeless, without clothes & food.
  • (4)  Numerous Billions (numerous thousands of Millions) of American Tax money was wasted for the above Iraq war leaving numerous old American people leaving hungry & without enough to live on.
  • (5)  There was not at all or very small number of Al Quida in Iraq before the war.  Now Iraq became the training grounds for Al Quida.
  • At the Republican convention, Mr. Juliani, former New York Mayor told Mr. OBAMA to ask advice from Mr. McCain about foreign policy.  Our President, Bush asked the advice to MR. McCAIN about Iraq war.  Mr. McCain authorized President Bush to go forward with Iraq war, causing the above sad results.  At the same time Mr. Obama advised President Bush not to go for the Iraq war.
  • So we will & must vote for Mr. OBAMA & BIDEN AS PRESIDENT & V. P.

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