Friday, July 11, 2008

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The analysis of assets declared by the candidates to Kerala Assembly Elections reveal some interesting figures. This is based on the first list of candidates, for constituencies No.140 to 100. Other details are yet to be posted on the Election commission's website.

The Total assets of these 41 candidates is Rs.38 Crores 22 Lakhs ! Hold on, the assets of Thomas Chandy, DICK Candidate in Kuttanad alone is Rs.16 Crores 26 Lakhs !!! Almost 50% of the total !!! Balakrishna Pillai has Rs.8 crores 88 Lakhs ! The rival candidate of LDF, Aysha Potty has a meagre Rs.10 lakhs 16 Thousand in assets. So, Thomas Chandy & Balakrishna Pillai, hold almost 66% of the total assets declared by the 41 candidates !!! A large number of UDF candiates have taken bank loans.

These 41 candidates hold 3,406 sovereigns of Gold !!! But LDF candidates hold only 16% of the total. A few of the UDF Candidates hold 50% of the total gold declared. Of course Balakrishna Pillai leads the list, followed KB Ganesh Kumar, N.Shaktan, Palode Ravi & Shobana George.

The total assets of 41 UDF candidates is Rs.33 Crores 81 Lakhs & the total assets of 41 LDF candidates is only Rs. 4 Crores 40 Lakhs !!! Balakrishna Pillai has two elephants and his son KB Ganesh Kumar has one, so of the 41 candidates, they are the only one having elephants.

So, where are the white elephants? From this list it appears that the candidates, both UDF & LDF, in Kunnathur constituency are the poorest of the lot; just Rs.1,813 & Rs.42,500 in assets, respectively.

How come our media do not publish such interesting facts? Why only the poor K. Muralidharan was targetted? Who knows, when the complete list of 140 constituencies are available, we might have more interesting facts? Which are definitely better than the fiction spread by these rich politicians !!! Notes:- Gold is calculated at Rs.750 per gram Following candidates details are not fully available TVM West [Shobana & Surendran] Varkala [Varkala Kahar & Sundaresan]

LIC Policy Values not shown Shibu Baby John's affidavit is shown as "0" Kunnathoor - UDF Candidate has only Rs.1,813?? Kottarakara - Balakrishna Pillai remits Rs.20,000 per month for Post Office savings Kottarakara - Balakrishna Pillai also has 2 elephants worth Rs.18 Lakhs Pathanapuram - KB Ganeshkumar has an elephant worth Rs.8 lakhs [son's elephant is less in value than the father's??]

Panthalam candidates details are not available Mavelikkara candidates details are not available Chengannur candidates details are not available Kayamkulam candidates details are not available Ambalapuzha candidates details are not available Alapuzha T.Anjalose's details are not available

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