Monday, November 28, 2005

On-line storage alternatives /

On-line storage alternatives

New on-line back-up tools allow sharing of files/documents

The feature-packed on-line storage service e-snips (,
which provides you one GB space for free, will be quite handy in tackling
your storage problems.

Recently this author tried out the new on-line backup product, Mozy
( which is still in its testing phase. This utility allows
you to encrypt/store files on its server for free. To back up data, you need
to download the Windows XP based Mozy client. This author is yet to make
extensive use of the service.

Another web based storage solution worth a trial is Streamload
(http://www.streamload. com). It lets you store up to 10 GB for free; but
the free account holders cannot download files of size above 10 MB.

On-line word-processors

The on-line word-processor market is currently agog with action and many
such products are emerging (even big players like MicroSoft are planning to
enter this segment -

The on-line document editor Zoho Writer (
is another Office product worth a mention. An additional feature of this
service is that it provides an e-mail id to which you can send documents. A
document thus sent will be stored on Zoho's server under your account and
you can edit or share it with anyone.

WideWord ( is yet another web based document editor
trying to get some foothold in this segment. Here, you can create a document
by just providing an e-mail id. The service will store the document on its
server and send you mail with a link for accessing/editing the newly created

Opencourseware Finder

Reputed educational institutions such as MIT (
publish course materials on a range of subjects that include engineering,
biology and economics for free download. The newly launched search engine,
Opencourseware Finder (, helps you locate
such materials with ease.

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