Monday, September 05, 2005

A reminder program / A tutorial site / On-line office suite / Mother Teresa dies / us supreme court on public property

1997 Sept 05
Mother Teresa dies
Mother Teresa¸ the Nobel Peace Prize winner who devoted her life to helping
the sick and the poor¸ dies at the age of 87.
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A reminder program

As we get completely engrossed in our work on a computer, we may forget
important appointments, events and so on. A program that works in the
background and reminds us of important events at specified times will help
us a lot. The software, SwizzTool ( is one such
product. Apart from helping you set-up reminder alerts, this program lets
you do such tasks as assigning hotkeys to programs, invoking a Google search
on the string stored on clipboard and so on.

A tutorial site

Numerous discussion forums and tutorials on a wide array of subjects that
help you become better at what you do are available on-line.

The (, the
web portal with links to over three hundred programming language tutorials,
is an excellent service worth a visit

On-line office suite

To exploit the Net's `access from anywhere anytime' paradigm, several
desktop applications are migrating towards it. The availability of
high-speed links accelerates this trend. The on-line office-suite
application, gOffice, developed for helping netizens create/store documents
on-line with a browser, is the latest one in this genre.

gOffice ( features a web based word processor with
several tools we generally find in popular word processing packages like
MS-Word. It supports features such as spell check, editor with graphical
interface and so on. The document created with the application can be saved
as a PDF file on your local machine or can be sent to anyone as an e-mail
attachment. As the document can also be saved on the gOffice's server, you
can open/edit it from any place on the Net. Currently, on this web-based
office suite, which is free for personal use, only the word processing
component is implemented. Soon modules such as Worksheet and Presentations
will be made available.

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