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27 june 2005 / Special search engines / Jobs in Saudi Arabia / new words??

Special search engines

Search services meant for specific tasks are becoming popular. The answer
search engine, BrainBoost (, featured in this
column a few weeks ago, is one among them. Many netizens told this author
that BrainBoost is a very effective service.

The search service, ( that hosts tens of
hundreds of `how to' instructions for solving a wide array of practical
problems, is another one of this kind. EHow gives clear instructions on how
to do a variety of things that fall under subjects such as Finance/Business,
Health, Sports and Computers.

For instance, if you want to get the procedure for removing spyware from
your computer, just type in the text `how to remove spyware' and view the

Another special search service came to this author's notice recently is the
acronym search engine, Acronyma (http://www. ) that can be
used to get expansion for acronyms and abbreviations. The service allows you
to search for acronyms/words in several languages such as English and

SubjectFinder ( is yet
another special search service that lets you find subject specific research
materials, tutorials and other stuff from educational web sites.

J. Murali

Email the author at:


From: MM Naeem []
Sent: Saturday, June 25, 2005 9:12 PM
To: habib67k
Subject: Jobs in Saudi Arabia

A construction company requires: 1) Civil Engineers, 2) Surveyor, 3)
Electro-Mechanical Engineers, 4) AutoCAD Draftsmen. Qualification: Five
years experience and computer skills. Suitable candidates send CV to Fax:

A first-class coffeeshop requires: Waiters, cashier and assistant
manager. Candidates with experience and fluency in English, send CV to Fax:
4860242 or contact Mobile: 0505230777.

Required a person who know English very well (write + speak) and good
knowledge of computers. Interested candidates send CV to Fax: 01-4478728 or
contact Mobile: 0506287895, Riyadh.

Required workers and drivers with transferable Iqama. Interested
candidates contact Tel: 4217758 or Mobile: 0508301399.

A reputable electro-mechanical company urgently needs: Electrical,
mechanical and HVAC draftsmen. Suitable candidates send CV to Fax:

Job offered for experienced coffee services with transferable Iqamas.
Call at 0505820101.

A Saudi company based in Alkhobar is looking for an office assistant.
Applicant must have a university degree, should be fluent in English, should
have strong computer skills and experience in preparing bid packages, good
organizational skills, driving license and transferable Iqama. Will be
offered attractive package. Interested send CV to:

Required: Experienced trailer drivers with heavy vehicle Saudi driving
license and transferable Iqama. Interested candidates contact Mobile:

Job wanted: AutoCAD tutor (2D+3D) is looking for a suitable part-time
position in Jeddah. Contact Mr. Ahmed, Tel: 6749706, Mobile: 0503017392.

Job wanted: Highly qualified finance/accounts manager CA.CFC
(USA-Canada) having experience in finance, banking, insurance, private
equity portfolio management, hedge fund, venture capital, securities/stock
exchange, seeks job. Please call Alam, Mobile: 0508215778, E-mail:

A construction company requires: 1) Civil engineers, 2) surveyor, 3)
electro-mechanical engineers, 4) AutoCAD draftsmen. Qualification- five
years experience and computer skills. Suitable candidates send CV to Fax:

Accountant/Secretary - Riyadh: English speaking/writing, Arabic -
Confirmed Experience in Accounting softwares and international standards-
Good presentation and strong relational/commercial abilities. Send CV with
photo to

A factory located in industrial area, Jeddah, urgently requires:
Inventory controller- minimum five years experience in respected field,
having good knowledge in Arabic and English, computer skills and
transferable Iqama. Interested candidates send CV to Fax: 6080245.

A company specialized in medical and industrial maintenance, located
in Jeddah city requires: Electronic technician- minimum five years
experience in respected field. Should have good knowledge of Arabic, English
and computer. Interested candidates please contact Mobile: 0505600955.

A pest control company requires: Quality control officer or service
manager- five years experience in pest management and supervisor job, fluent
in English, Arabic knowledge is an advantage. Must have Saudi driving
license and PC knowledge. Send CV to Fax: 4602307.

Wanted graphic designer. Those with experience in jewels designing
will be preferred. Interested candidates contact Mobile: 0567282998.

Wanted: Filipino (female) specialized in nail polish, facial and skin
cleaning works and whole body hair removal (sweet wax); Filipino (female)
tailor to work in Jeddah. Contact Mobile: 0506887447, Tel: 6288333, 6285181.

A reputed AC maintenance shop in Dammam requires 1) Personnel with
knowledge of scheduling (knowledge of Arabic and English must), 2)
Electrician -cum - plumber, 3) AC mechanic. All with experience and
transferable Iqama. Contact Mobile: 0503827304 Fax: (03) 8292024.

Wanted: Electrician to work in a leading manufacturing company in
Riyadh. Applicant must have experience in industrial electricity. Contact
Mobile: 0506404981.

Wanted: Production and Chemical engineers or technicians with three
years minimum industrial experience to work in a construction chemical
factory in Riyadh. Also wanted civil engineers, salesmen, heavy truck or
Dyna driver and industrial electricians. Send CV to or Fax:

Wanted: Heavy truck driver to work in Riyadh area. Applicant must have
light truck license and transferable Iqama. Contact Mobile: 050640481, Fax:

A reputable company in the field of general services requires:
Electrician for heavy works, lift technician and computer operator. Suitable
candidates send CV to Fax: 03-8944962.

A reputable company in the field of general services requires:
Carpenter, mason and lifeguard. Suitable candidates send CV to Fax:

Urgently required executive secretary with at least five years of
experience. Should be perfect in reading, speaking and writing Arabic and
English. Should also be aware of computer and offsets and have experience in
the main secretarial jobs. Whoever deems himself fit for this position
should send his CV to Fax: 02-6748909.

Wanted marketing executives and sales co-ordinators for leading
freight forwarding company based at Jeddah to work in their Jeddah and
Dammam offices. Only experienced candidates having bachelor's degree or
above, valid driving license and transferable Iqama may apply to E-mail:

Required computer data entry persons with transferable Iqama.
Interested candidates send CV to Fax: 4397969 or contact Mobile: 055325598.

Required air conditioning engineer. Interested candidates contact
Mobile: 0500623361.

Urgently required Philippine or Indian nationals experienced salesmen
(cloths and accessories) with transferable Iqama. Suitable candidates send
CV to Fax: 03-8936677.

Wanted: Cashiers, waiters, coffee maker, sandwich maker, sweet maker,
juice maker, bread maker. Well speaking Arabic and English. Contact Tel:
5280516, 5281655 ext 114, Mobile: 0551893877.

Looking for experienced Civil / Structural / Mechanical engineers to work
with a British consulting group for an upcoming prestigious and long term
project in Riyadh. Project to start in mid July.
Contact: Varghese Yohannan mobile - 050 296 84 34 or fax your CV to 01 419

Will you please include this vacancy in your list.

Electromechanical Foreman ( Super visor)

Qualification and experience

1- Degree or Diploma with good expedience in maintenance of
electromechanical work
2- Good command of English and knowledge of Arabic
3- Reading of Arabic is preferred.
4- Supervision capacity
5- Estimation and costing of electromechanical work
6- Self driving .
7- Transferable Iqama.

Those who are fulfill the above requirement may contact me or send the
resume by Fax..

Thanks and Regards
Ismail A. Jalal
Fax - 966-1- 4029000 Ext 4320
E mail -
Mobile - 0504433796 or speed dial # 1901
We urgently require drivers and labourers in our factory. The posting will
be in any of the units in Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam or Buraidah. The package
includes salary (1000 for drivers and 800 for labourers), accomodation, paid
vacation for one month every two years, overtime or monthly commision,
annual bonus and monetory appreciation on renewal of contract based on work
performance. Interested parties, please contact me on 0507160466. Kindly
pass on this message to your contacts.
Biju Jose.
Small Things Makes Perfection... But Perfection Is Not A Small Thing!!!

Biju Jose Kannampilly
P O Box 41084, Riyadh - 11521, Saudi Arabia.
Tel: +966 1 4470145 (O) +966 1 4472483 (R) +966 50 7160466 (M) +966 1
4469352 (F)
Email: / /


imbricate \IM-bruh-kayt\ verb
: overlap; especially : to overlap like roof tiles

Example sentence:
"Fine-spun and see-through, the cotton... acts as canvas and writing paper,
pierced and covered by the imbricated stitches that decorate it." (Frances
Richard, Artforum International, January 1, 2005)

Did you know?
The ancient Romans knew how to keep the interior of their villas dry when it
rained. They tiled their roofs with overlapping curved tiles so the "imber"
(Latin for "rain") couldn't seep in. The tiles were, in effect, "rain
tiles," so the Romans called them "imbrices" (singular "imbrex"). The verb
for installing the tiles was "imbricare." The "imbr-" root has never really
been put to use in English rain-related words (though scientists have made
use of the closely-related Greek "ombros"; for example, "ombriphilous"
describes a plant that loves heavy rainfall).


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