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070505/Probe Arun Shourie's Role In Centaur Deal/1945: Germany signs unconditional surrender/CAG raps IAF for "gross irregularities"/

Probe Arun Shourie's Role In Centaur Deal

The CAG report clearly points out that undervaluation had been done by the
NDA government to serve private interests "without the benefit of
competition" for any other party. The CAG report further pointed out how
Shri Arun Shourie took special interest in pushing forward the deal throwing
overboard all the norms.

The sale of the two Centaur hotels in Mumbai at the Airport and Juhu has
resulted in a net loss of crores of rupees to the public exchequer through
the dubious deals which only justifies the demand for cancellation of these

The CAG questioned the Vajpayee Government's handling of the sale of the
Centaur Hotels, the slow pace of acquiring defence equipment even after
putting in place a "fast track procedure," the sale of the security press at
Nasik (which led to the Telgi scandal), the ``India Shining'' campaign and
the appointment of "Ambassador Agnihotri." The various reports add up to a
serious indictment of the Vajpayee regime.
In the case of the Centaur Hotels, "repeated extensions and relaxations were
allowed to the bidder of Juhu Centaur to facilitate the sale." The
Disinvestment Ministry departed from its own assumptions and procedures to
facilitate the sale to "the sole bidder."
In another report, the CAG indicted the External Affairs Ministry for
incurring an "avoidable expenditure" of Rs. 15.95 crores on the post of
``Ambassador-at-large''. The post was created to accommodate and grant an
ambassadorial status to Bhishma Agnihotri, a known Rashtriya Swayamsevak
Sangh partisan.


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Today in 1945 : Germany signs unconditional surrender

Germany has signed an unconditional surrender bringing to an end six years
of war in Europe, according to reports from France.
This evening the Ministry of Information has confirmed that an official
statement declaring the end of the war, will be made simultaneously in
London, Washington and Moscow tomorrow.
The day has been declared a national holiday to mark Victory in Europe Day
(VE Day). The following day (9 May) will also be a national holiday.
The BBC's Thomas Cadett watched the official signing at a schoolhouse in
Reims, northeastern France, which serves as the advance headquarters of the
supreme commander in Europe, General Dwight D Eisenhower.
The head of the SS, Heinrich Himmler, had tried to broker a peace deal two
months before but he had attached conditions to the agreement: he wanted to
keep the Nazi regime in place and stop Soviet progress into Germany.


CAG raps IAF for "gross irregularities"

New Delhi, May 7. (PTI): In a severe censure of the Nagpur-based Air Force
Maintenance Command, the Comptroller and Auditor General has rapped it for
gross "irregularities" in purchase of mosquito nets worth Rs 8.30 crores
from Reliance Industries in a single vendor purchase.
The procurement order first for 1.12 lakh mesh polyester mosquito nets worth
Rs 5.57 crores was placed on single vendor basis by the wrong issue of
"proprietary article certificate" in favour of the Reliance Industries by
claiming that it was the sole manufacturer of the fabric, CAG said in its
latest report tabled in Parliament.
CAG said the IAF command had gone in for repeat order for 55,000 more nets
worth Rs 2.73 crores on the same firm at even higher prices.

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