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24 Apl 2005 _ Do we finally have a people's PC_ _ Expatriates Can Apply for Citizenship_VACANCY- where are we??

From: Varghese Yohannan
Date: Apr 24, 2005 10:06 AM

Dear Nam,

Would you please announce the following through your network (as a matter of

"Urgently required an experienced and smart secretary to work with a British
boss for a prestigious organization in Riyadh. Interested may contact
Mr. Varghese Yohannan, Tel: 050 296 84 34 or 419 0221"




Do we finally have a people's PC?
Anand Parthasarathy

BREACHING THE BARRIER: The Xenitis Apna PC...a quick seller

BANGALORE: Eastern India is not generally perceived as the hotbed of
Information Technology innovation; yet recent weeks have seen a
Kolkata-based company fan out to virtually the whole country, selling what
is possibly the first workable personal computer for the home, priced below
the hitherto unbreachable `Lakshman Rekha' of Rs.10,000.

Xenitis, started by a group of young professionals in Kolkata set up its own
PC unit in 2004 and since then its budget PC brand ``Aamar PC'' (``Our PC''
in Bengali) has been a quick seller on its home turf. This has encouraged
them to go national - and in recent months, the company has embarked on an
aggressive road show in other parts of the country: with cannily renamed
brands: ``Apna PC'' in the North, ``Amchi PC'' in Maharashtra and - as of
last week - ``Namma PC'' in the South.

The key selling pitch remains the same: a workable home PC below Rs. 10,000.
For this price Xenitis provides a machine fuelled by a Cyrix 1 gigahertz
chip, with 128 MB of main memory; a 30 gigabyte hard disk drive; a 52x CD
drive, a floppy drive and a 15 inch colour monitor.

The software is RedHat's Enterprise 3 professional version of Linux, which
comes on 9 CDs that include the ``Open Office'' suite, database, e-mail
tools and a browser. It is a reasonable configuration for any one who
wants an affordable entry into the PC world - but a modem card that would
cost only a couple of hundred rupees more is a curious omission. Buyers
would need to install this before they can exploit the browser and e-mail


Expatriates Can Apply for Citizenship From May 23
P.K. Abdul Ghafour, Arab News

JEDDAH, 24 April 2005 - The much-awaited executive bylaw of the new
Naturalization Law is out and qualified expatriates can apply for Saudi
citizenship from May 23. Application forms will be available at the Civil
Affairs Department from next Saturday.

"The new bylaw came into effect on Friday, when it was published in the
official gazette," Nasser Al-Hanaya, undersecretary at the Interior Ministry
for civil affairs said.

He said some articles of the existing naturalization law were amended to
meet job work requirements and realize the interests of the Kingdom and its
citizens, adding that professionals like doctors and engineers would be
given preference.

Many of the Kingdom's six million expatriate workers have been waiting for
the 35-article bylaw since the Cabinet approved the newly amended
Naturalization Law, hoping that it would realize their dream to become


Sponsors must pay medical bills of staff

By Shireena Al Nowais, Staff Reporter

Abu Dhabi: Sponsors who fail to pay the medical bills of their employees
will be prosecuted, a health official said yesterday.

Hassan Al Keim, Undersecretary at the Ministry of Health, told reporters
that employers who refuse to pay the medical bills of their staff will face
legal action.

His comments followed the recent cabinet decision to start charging patients
for surgical procedures in all government hospitals in Dubai and the
Northern Emirates from May 1.

Al Keim said the new fees were enforced to help reduce the load on
government hospitals.


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WHERE WE ARE ??????!!!!!!!

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