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18 April 2005 / 1955: Albert Einstein dies / Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton may have suffered from a type of autism / FM radio on comeback trail?

ON THIS DAY in history

1955: Albert Einstein dies
Albert Einstein has died in hospital in Princeton, New Jersey, aged 76.
The eminent scientist and originator of the theory of relativity was
admitted to hospital three days ago with an internal complaint.
In recent years Dr Einstein had lived a secluded life although he was still
a member of staff at the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton
In a statement issued following the scientist's death, US President Dwight
Eisenhower said: "No other man contributed so much to the vast expansion of
the 20th century knowledge.
"Yet no other man was more modest in the possession of the power that is
knowledge, more sure that power without wisdom is deadly.
"To all who live in the nuclear age, Albert Einstein exemplified the mighty
creative ability of the individual in a free society."
Einstein and Newton 'had autism'

Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton may have suffered from a type of autism,
according to experts.
Einstein was a notoriously confusing lecturer
Researchers at Cambridge and Oxford universities believe both scientists
displayed signs of Asperger's Syndrome.
Many people with Asperger's are often regarded as being eccentric. They
sometimes lack social skills, are obsessed with complex topics and can have
problems communicating.
This latest research suggests that Einstein, who is credited with developing
the theory of relativity, and Newton, who discovered the laws of gravity,
had these traits to varying degrees.
According to the researchers, Einstein showed signs of Asperger's from a
young age.


FM radio on comeback trail?

THE HUMBLE FM radio seems set to make a comeback in India, despite all the
noise generated by the latest technology in the Indian entertainment
industry like digital technology and multimedia.

Reeling under a license fee regime, radio stations such as Radio City
Lucknow, Radio Mirchi Pune and Win 94.6 Mumbai closed down in 2004 due to
mounting losses. Out of the 40 cities that bid in May 2000, a total of 21
stations in 12 cities remain and all of them are in the red, according to a
PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) study on the Indian entertainment industry.

Figures released by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI)
indicate that FM radio suffered a loss of Rs. 122 crores in 2003-04 against
a loss of Rs. 118 crores in the previous year.

However, that could all change in the near future. International players too
have evinced keen interest in the FM radio industry with the Richard
Branson-owned Virgin Group having signed a memorandum of understanding with
Hindustan Times, although the industry feels that the foreign direct
investment (FDI) limit of 20 per cent will not have any immediate bearing on
the industry.


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