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08 apl 2005 / WHO worried about India's maternal mortality rates / Coca-Cola firm gets nod for drawing groundwater

WHO worried about India's maternal mortality rates

New Delhi, April 8. (PTI): India has been placed among the countries which
are "slow progressors" in terms of improvements in mother and child health
in a new WHO global report which says that globally one woman dies every
minute due to complications during pregnancy or childbirth.

The 'World Health Report 2005 - Make Every Mother and Child Count', which
had a global launch here, says that 10.6 million children die in a year
before their fifth birthday globally while about 530,000 women die during
pregnancy or childbirth.

"More than 50 per cent of all child deaths occur in just six countries -
India, Pakistan China, Congo, Ethiopia, and Nigeria," it says.

Later, addressing a joint press conference with several other officials,
WHO's Deputy Regional Director Poonam Khetrapal Singh said India was among
51 countries which had shown slow progress in maternal and child health.


Coca-Cola firm gets nod for drawing groundwater

By Our Staff Reporter

KOCHI, APRIL 7. A Division Bench of the Kerala High Court today held that
the Coca-Cola company will be entitled to draw 5 lakh litres of groundwater
a day from its plant at Plachimada in Palakkad without any right for
accumulation in case of non-use.

The Bench comprising Justice M. Ramachandran and Justice K.P. Balachandran
made it clear that the restrictions imposed for the company's consumption
would not be applicable when water is drawn for additional requirements such
as supply of water to people in the area. The court directed that the
company should involve in community development projects such as healthcare
and supply of water for people in the area.

The court was of the view that since the general public was apprehensive
about water shortage, it became an essential duty of the company. Water
supply should be undertaken before June 30.


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