Friday, January 12, 2007

Pix2Fone v1.8

Pix2Fone v1.8

Pix2Fone is a unique add-on for Internet Explorer and Firefox that
allows you to send photos to your cell phone where they can be used as
wallpapers, backgrounds, logos, or screensavers. It integrates into
Internet Explorer, allowing you to send any Web image, and you can
also select photos from your local hard drive and upload them.

Just right-click on an image and select the new 'Save Picture to
Mobile Phone' option and follow the steps to send the picture. The
first time, you are prompted to select your phone model, and then you
can edit the picture by cropping or automatic optimization based on
your phone model. The picture can then be downloaded from your WAP
phone browser, or a link can be sent to your phone via free SMS
message. Pix2Fone supports most popular phone models from
manufacturers including Sanyo, Ericson, Nokia, Motorola, and many
others. The program works extremely well.

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