Friday, January 12, 2007

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The Hindu : National : Scuffle between two judges

Scuffle between two judges

Ahmedabad: In an unusual incident, two senior judges of the Gujarat High Court had a scuffle on Thursday over a personal matter, court sources said.

The scuffle took place between Justice B.J. Sethna and Justice P.B. Majumdar.

The Acting Chief Justice of the Gujarat High Court, Y.R. Meena, spoke to journalists about the incident. "Justice Majumdar did tell me orally about the incident he had with Justice Sethna." It is learnt that when Justice Majumdar and his wife were on morning walk, Justice Sethna crossed them and invited them for a cup of tea to his house.

Discussions between the two judges over tea at Mr. Justice Sethna's house turned into arguments and ended up in a scuffle, court sources said.

High court sources said Justice Sethna allegedly `manhandled' Justice Majumdar and also `abused' him.

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