Sunday, August 01, 2010

and now BlacMail !

What is BlacMail?
BlacMail is a software that allows you to receive and send emails on your mobile phone instantly. And the best part- it doesn't require a fancy phone or even GPRS!

What makes BlacMail different?
» Get mails instantly, anywhere and anytime
» No GPRS or smart phones required
» You don't need to depend on GPRS connectivity to receive mails, it works anywhere in India!
» Use Whitelist to filter out spam and get mails from selected people only
» BlacMail is a separate application so your inbox isn't cluttered with both messages and emails.
    The emails are stored in a separate inbox meant only for them

Do I need GPRS on my mobile to use BlacMail?
No! GPRS isn't a necessity for using BlacMail.


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