Thursday, July 26, 2007

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Articles and book reviews by Hamid Ansari

The Chairman of the National Commission for Minorities, Mohammad Hamid Ansari has handled an impressive range of assignments in a career spanning over 45 years. These positions include co-chairman of the India-U.K. Round Table, a member of the National Security Advisory Board and convener (and later chairman) of the Petroleum Ministry's advisory committee on Oil Diplomacy for Energy Security.

Mr.Ansari was nominated as the United Progressive Alliance-Left's Vice-Presidential candidate on July 20. He has a deep interest in West Asian affairs. He has written extensively on the subject, including in The Hindu , where his latest column appeared on July 11. Mr. Ansari edited the book, Iran Today: Twenty Five Years After the Islamic Revolution.

Links are provided here to his articles and book reviews in The Hindu and Frontline.


  Where does the Palestinian cause stand? (20070711)
  Iraq: Game plan for the endgame? (20070629)
  Craft, credulity, and reason (20070528)
  The war of ideas: mindsets and options (20070501)
  Arab Summit seeks a way out in West Asia (20070405)
  Signatures on a napkin — lobbies and national interest (20070326)
  Continuing myopia in West Asia (20070312)


  Israel, America, and the question of Palestine (20061220)
  The search for a solution in war-torn Iraq (20061025)
  Political and military scenario-building on Iran (20061005)
  The great American disconnect (20060923)
  The `war on terror' and West Asia circa 2007 (20060902)
  War and war crimes (20060808)
  Domestic imperatives in Iran's foreign policy (20060712)
  The perils of dissent in U.S. universities (20060613)
  Grand bargains and distress sales (20060605)
  The U.S. and the strategy for freedom (20060602)
  Alternative approaches to West Asian crises (20060501)
  Iraq, Iran, and a strategy of a thousand errors (20060410)
  Strategic interests and political lobbies (20060329)
  The OIC and India: signals of a re-think (20060130)

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