Tuesday, April 17, 2007

File Conversion ?

A file conversion toolbox for converting files from one format to
another is very essential. Though free conversion tools are available
for some file types (like Wav to MP3), such free tools are still not
available for certain other file types (like PDF to Doc). In this
context, the availability of online file conversion tools makes our
life less cumbersome. Media convert (http://media-convert.com) is one
such file conversion service.

Recently this author stumbled on another valuable free file conversion
service, ZamZar (http://www2.zamzar. com/). You can convert image
files, video files and PDF/document files with this free service.

While submitting the file for conversion, you need to provide an email
id. Once the file is converted to the desired format, the service
drops an email on your box with a link to the converted file. The
facility (http://www.zamzar.com /tools/) to convert videos from video
sharing services such as Youtube and Google video is another notable
feature of this service.

courtesy : netspeak, hindu.com

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