Saturday, January 06, 2007

Diocese settles claims in Washington /

Diocese settles claims

SPOKANE (Washington): The Spokane Catholic Diocese has agreed to pay
$48 million to people molested by priests as part of a deal to emerge
from bankruptcy, a Federal mediator announced on Thursday. The
settlement is the latest of several similar agreements around the U.S.
Federal Bankruptcy Judge Gregg W. Zive said the Spokane settlement
also included non-economic provisions that would provide survivors
``with some measure of closure and allow them to move forward and
continue the healing process.'' Last month, the Roman Catholic
Archdiocese of Portland filed a plan that would pay $75 million to
settle nearly 170 claims of priest sex abuse. Also last month, the
Archdiocese of Los Angeles announced a $60-million agreement to settle
45 sex abuse claims. Other large settlements include $100 million paid
to 87 claimants last year by the Diocese of Orange in Orange County,
California. — AP

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