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On Malayalam Again / Four Indians among Singapore's Richie Rich /

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Subject: SUCH STRONG SENTIMENTS ON malayalam digts


I feel we should not only learn the Malayalam digits, but promote it
in every possible forum.
It helps us retain our identity. . Secondly so far I have not heard
anything whereby humanity lost
something by learning some thing new !!!


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Thanks a ton for the compliment about Malayalam: " the language is all right."
In this Atham naal, those people in the Heaven, Thunjan, Kunjan,
Asaan, Vallathol,
Ponkunnam, Basheer,Thakazhi,Vyloppilly,Idassery,Changampuzha,Vayalar,Devarajan,OV
Vijayan,Ayyappa Panikker, and Prem Nazir Bhai will now be
if somebody comes after and say, "No, No...not only the digits, but
the languages also
be thrown away...who the devil wants these satans...this language...

God save, all of the above gentlemen are happy because now they are
saved and are
in Heavens. Those English,French,Spanish, German and other people are ignorant
for they had unnecessarly translated these satans' works...who wants
after all these
rubbish wastes....Onam, that we can have, because,we can sell it...All
saleable things
are good...

It is History, which can also be thrown away, that all those Lords
Sarvasree Al Buqerque
and Vasco-da-Gama had brought Royal Messages from Emperor Emmannuel of Portugal
to Samorin of Kozhikode and Maharaja of Cochin, for the reason that
those Messages
were in Arabic. One Mr. Mammaali was there with these Lords to
translate the Portuguese
Kings' Arabic letter to Malayali Rajahs. And it was Mr. Mammali who
had helped to show
routes to Kozhikode and Cochin. At first Marakkar family fled to
Kozhikode, fought there
with Gamaaeos, then all things happened.

Regards to the generosity of complimenting Malayalam, "It is all right"

The Qeustion to be never asked: "Am I alright?"
The Question to be always asked: "All of you what nonsense?

Sometimes we feel somebody give us a knife to kill ourselves. So that
we too can go

Goode bye...Sweet Dreams..


Four Indians among Singapore's Richie Rich

NEW DELHI: Here's another example of the growing wealth among the
non-resident Indians. And no, these are not the already well known
names like Lakshmi Mittal, Swraj Paul and Indra Nooyi, but relatively
lesser known Indians who have struck gold in the eatern part of the

Four NRIs — Murli Kewalram Chanrai, Mustaq Ahmad, Sudhir Gupta and
Kartar Singh Thakral — figure in the latest Forbes list of Singapore's
Top 40 Rich List.

The four Indian expats are collectively worth $1.54 billion, which
accounts for more than 5% of the combined net worth of $28 billion
accumulated by Singapore's 40 richest people.

Chanrai — ranked the richest Indian in Singapore — is the head of the
$3 billion Kewalram Chanrai Group, while Ahmad is the owner of the
hugely popular Mustafa Centre in Little India. Gupta, on the other
hand, is a tyre tycoon who made it big is Russia, while and Thakral is
into textiles and IT peripherals.

The 83-year-old Chanrai was placed seventh among the list of
Singapore's Riche Rich with a net worth of $880 million. His Kewalram
Chanrai Group is held privately by overseas Indian family trusts and
is part of the 150-year-old Chanrai empire.

From a humble beginning in trading business in India and Nigeria in
1860, the family business has grown into a conglomerate with business
spanning across textiles, commodities, international trade, IT and
real estate spanning over 45 countries.

Next in line is 47-year-old Sudhir Gupta, who has been ranked as
Singapore's 13th richest person with a net worth of $320 million.

Gupta, a Singapore citizen and a PhD in agricultural chemistry from
Russia, started with a tyre company in Moscow. After acquiring a Dutch
company, he formed Amtel-Vredestein, a tyre company which was listed
on London Stock Exchange last year.

Kartar Singh Thakral, who has been ranked 25th with a net worth of
$175 million, joined his family trading business in 1949.

His empire spans across various businesses, including the
Singapore-listed Thakral Corp, that distributes technology gears for
products like iPods in China and India. The Thakral Group made a
humble begining with 'Punjab Store' in Bangkok in 1905.

Mustaq Ahmad, who happens to be the last among the four Indians at the
27th position with a net worth of $165 million, is the owner of one of
Singapore's famous landmarks — the Mustafa Centre. Fifty five-year-old
Ahmad runs a bustling store in Singapore's Little India called Mustafa
Centre, which is stuffed with more than 150,000 items ranging from
beds to spices. The store was opened in 1971.

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