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Malayalam era

Malayalam Era or Kollavarsham is a solar Sideral calendar used in the the state of Kerala in South India.


Almost all of the regions kerala used to the Kali yuga before the acceptance of Kollavarsham.

The start of the Malayalam Era has been attributed to many origins.

According to Tharisapalli plates the era was stated by Nestorian merchants who settled in KorukeNi kollam, near to the present Kollam. The other popular notion according to Hermann Gundert, it coordinated with consecration of a shiva temple during the reign of Udaya Marthanda Varma. Another theory is that Kollavarsham was started by the Saint Sankaracharya in 825 AD.


The Malayalam year starts in the month of August,usually falling on the 16th or 17th of August.

Months in Malayalam Era Gregorian Calendar Tamil calendar Saka era Hijra Era
chingam August- september Aavani-Purattasi SRavaN- bhadrapada Rajab - Sha`ban
kanni September-October Purattasi-Aippasi Bhadrapada - aSvina Sha`ban - Ramadan
thulAm October-November Aippasi - Karthigai aSvina - Kartika Ramadan - Shawwal
vrushichikam November-December Karthigai - Margazhi Kartika - Agrahayana Shawwal - Dhu l-Qa`da
Dhanu December-January Margazhi - Thai Agrahayana - Pausa Dhu l-Qa`da - Dhu l-Hijja
makaram January-February Thai - Maasi Pausa - Magha Dhu l-Hijja - Muharram
kumBham February-March Maasi - Panguni Magha - Phalguna Muharram - Safar
mEnam March-April Panguni - Chithtrai Phalguna - chaitra Safar - Rabi`al-Awwal
mEdam April-May Chithtrai - Vaikasi Chaitra - VaiSakha Rabi`al-Awwal - Rabi`ath-Thani
Edavam May-June Vaikasi- Aani Vaisakha - JyaisTha Rabi`ath-Thani - Jumada l-Ula
midhunam June-July Aani - Aadi JyaisTha - AsaDa Jumada l-Ula - Jumada t-Tania
Karkidakam July-August Aadi - Aavani AsaDa - Sravana Jumada t-Tania - Rajab

Like the months above, there are 27 stars starting from Aswathi and ending in Revathi. The 365 days of the year is divided into a group of 14 days called Njattuvela, each one bearing the name of a star.

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