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Pazhassi Raja Kerala Varma was one of our earliest freedom fighters. / Nepal to become secular state

Looking back
The royal `rebel' of Kottayam
Pazhassi Raja Kerala Varma was one of our earliest freedom fighters.

Tough opponent: Kerala Varma.
THE night of November 29, 1805 was surprisingly hot and humid in the jungles
beyond Wayanad. A small army of rebels from Malabar had crossed over to the
Mysore side and was holed up there, hiding from the British. None of them
could sleep properly and there was a sense of unease.
The next morning, their leader, Kerala Varma, was up early. It was an
important day for him, his mother's death anniversary. He bathed in the
Mavila Thodu, and finished his prayers. He discussed strategy with his men
for a while, and then they formed a protective circle around him as he sat
on the bank and the ceremonies began. Suddenly, in the middle of the
rituals, they found themselves surrounded by the English army under
Sub-Collector Thomas Harvey Baber.


Nepal to become secular state
May. 15, 2006 at 7:55AM
Nepal's prime minister announced Monday that the government would change
from a Hindu kingdom to a secular state, with equal rights for all.
Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala said Monday that the declaration,
to be proclaimed by the House of Representatives later, would protect the
rights of the nation's indigenous people and minorities.
Hundreds of indigenous people were protesting in front of the prime
minister's home to demand a secular state, the Himalayan Times reported. The
prime minister made his comments in response to their demands.

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