Friday, May 12, 2006


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In Solidarity

Iran And US: Nuclear Standoff Or Realpolitik?
By Ramzy Baroud

Iran 2006 is certainly not Iraq of 1990-1991, or 2003. Some major changes to
the political map of the Middle East have taken place and serious challenges
are appearing day after day to the astonishment of the beleaguered U.S.
government and its president

Letter From Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
By Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

President Of Iran, To George Bush

Re-shuffling The Cards In Iraq
By Ghali Hassan

Unless the U.S. is forced to withdraw from Iraq immediately, no re-shuffling
of the same cards will change the situation on the ground in Iraq. The only
option remains for people around the world is to provide moral support for
the Iraqi people Resistance to self-determination and national independence

Comments On David Sirota's New Book:Hostile Takeover
By Stephen Lendman

I'd like to begin my commentary on David Sirota's important new book Hostile
Takeover with my strong endorsement of his fine work. Everyone should read
it to learn what's really going on around us that affects us all in the most
important ways I know and which most people at best only vaguely understand
on many if not most of the major issues

The Royal Nepalese Army And The imperialist Agency In Nepal
By Pratyush Chandra

The imperialist network fears that this rise of the red scourge in this
supposed "backwater" of global capitalism will blow away the mirage of the
new Asian "miracles" in the region, who have been long fishing their booty
in these same "backwaters"

What Mothers Really Want
By Lucinda Marshall

The great thing about Motherâ?Ts Day is that for one day, everyone has to at
least pretend to listen respectfully to what mothers have to say. So come on
Moms, letâ?Ts not pass up 24 hours of precious soapbox time, we can talk
about what we always talk about. Children

Israelâ?Ts Road To â?~Convergenceâ?T Began With Rabin
By Jonathan Cook

With his coalition partners on board, Israelâ?Ts prime minister Ehud Olmert
is plotting his next move: a partial withdrawal from the West Bank over the
next few years which he and his government will declare as the end of the
occupation and therefore also any legitimate grounds for Palestinian
grievance.From hereon in, Israel will portray itself as the benevolent
provider of a Palestinian state

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