Thursday, April 06, 2006


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Well done, dear Nam.

Forwarding something like this is a good service, too.

The poem will wake up the people who are sleeping.

But, it won’t wake up the people who pretend to be asleep.

It will touch the people who preserve love and kindness in their hearts.

But it will not move the people who show remarkable insensitivity.

The system of racial discrimination may be on the wane

But the mentality still exists without remedy

That is more dangerous than a fatal disease.

That African kid has already received the award

By etching the poem on many hearts.


Prem Nizar Hameed


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Dear Nam,
This piece is being preserved for reciting
at the next Consulate General families's
get together. (The get together has been
started after I have come here.)

Kind regards,


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Hi dear Chittappa,
I really enjoyed the poem 'colored??'.

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