Sunday, April 23, 2006

Exit poll indicates clear majority for LDF / Rage over U.K. work permit rules / Children get justice after five years

Rage over U.K. work permit rules
Hasan Suroor
Indian doctors protest against immigration laws

LONDON : A large group of Indian doctors on Friday joined their counterparts
from other non-European Union countries to protest against new immigration
rules which would require them to obtain work permit before coming to
Britain either for training or employment.
Hundreds of angry overseas doctors demonstrated outside the Health
Department saying they felt "betrayed" by the sudden change in rules under
which work permits to doctors from non-E.U. countries would be given against
specific vacancies for which suitable "home-grown" doctors are not
Those who are already here and do not have a work permit will be forced to
return home, and apply again. "I came here at great expense to improve my
job prospects and suddenly my whole life has been turned upside down,'' said
one Indian doctor.
The British Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (BAPIO) said at least
15,000 doctors may have to leave the country without even completing their
training. Many were heavily in debt.


Children get justice after five years
Mohamed Imranullah S
Court takes serious view of the delay in settling terminal benefits

One month time given to settle benefits
Chief Secretary and Finance Secretary asked to monitor case
The money should be put in a fixed deposit account in the name of the

MADURAI: Fate could not have been harsher on 10-year-old C. Infend Senaka
and her six-year-old brother, C. Isaya Abhishek, from Theni district.
The children lost their father, Charles Anthony, on March 9, 2000. And their
mother, C. Leena Rose, died almost a year later, on March 5, 2001.
To add to their woes, they fought for nearly five years to receive the
terminal benefits and the monthly pension due to their mother, who worked as
a secondary grade teacher in an aided school. Tired of appealing to the
authorities, the children moved a writ petition (represented by their
maternal uncle M.S. Thomas) before the Madurai Bench of the Madras High
Court. And they were stunned by the emphatic response.


Exit poll indicates clear majority for LDF
Renu Ramanath
India Vision-A. C. Nielson Exit Poll conducted during first phase of polling
in Kerala

LDF would garner 49.5 per cent votes
Nine per cent swing in favour of LDF

KOCHI: The India Vision-A. C. Nielson Exit Poll conducted during the first
phase of polling for the Kerala Assembly elections held on Saturday has
predicted a clear majority for the Left Democratic Front (LDF) over the
ruling United Democratic Front (UDF).
The exit poll, conducted by the leading global marketing research agency,
foretells that the LDF would garner 49.5 per cent votes, while the UDF would
get only 40.8 per cent votes. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is expected
to get 3.6 per cent of votes while all the others in the fray will get 6.2
per cent.
Seat-wise this would mean that the LDF will get 39 of the 59 seats which
went to the polls on Saturday, while the UDF will get only 19 seats. One
seat will go to any of the other candidates.
The exit poll marks a swing of nine per cent in favour of the LDF


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