Friday, January 27, 2006

Vicks Action 500 is not a very safe medicine / Let your floors glow deep and red

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Vicks Action 500 is not a very safe medicine because one of its ingredients
(PPA) is banned in nearly all European and North American countries.
PPA has been implicated in causation of stroke - a potentially dangerous
and life-threatening side effect.
Unfortunately the Indian drug control system due to a variety of
non-scientific reasons has not banned the use of PPA in India.


Let your floors glow deep and red
Red oxide flooring, unique to Kerala, is back in favour after falling from
grace in the seventies.

The deep crimson hue of the red oxide flooring is something unique to
Kerala. Many people from the northern India and abroad exclaim at the
richness and velvety gloss of a well-made red oxide floor.
Cement floors enhanced with colours were the first step of modern flooring
in Kerala. But, the technique of red oxide flooring had arrived here much
before the advent of reinforced cement concrete roofing. Commonly found in
the palaces and the houses of nobility of the early days, the red and black
oxide floors had become associated with tradition in Kerala.
The best example of traditional red and black flooring is found in the
400-year-old Padmanabhapuram Palace in Thakkala. Though once the seat of the
Travancore Royal House, this palace is at present in Kanyakumari district of
Tamil Nadu.


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