Wednesday, July 13, 2005

London bombers 'were all British' / Indonesian Maid Miyati Sent to Jail / Worldcom ex-boss gets 25 years

London bombers 'were all British'

Detectives now believe the London bombings were carried out by four
British-born men in what were possibly the country's first suicide attacks.
Security sources said it was likely at least three of the men, said to
be of Pakistani descent, are dead, after belongings were found at the

The details emerged as explosives were found in Leeds and Luton after
a series of raids. One man has been arrested.

The BBC's Frank Gardner said an expert may have offered the bombers


Indonesian Maid Miyati Sent to Jail
Maha Akee l, Arab News

JEDDAH, 12 July 2005 - Nour Miyati, the Indonesian maid who was severely
injured and lost limbs as a result of alleged torture by her sponsor - has
been jailed. She was removed from hospital yesterday evening and taken to an
unspecified public jail. Her embassy was not informed. Indonesian labor
attache, M. Sukiarto, confirmed that the embassy was not informed of this
development. "I'm very disappointed. I don't know why she was sent to jail,"
he told Arab News.

In March, Miyati was taken to a Riyadh hospital by her sponsor in critical
condition and severe injuries causing gangrene to her fingers, toes and part
of her right foot; some of her fingers and toes had to be amputated. At
first she claimed that her sponsor tied her up for a month in a bathroom and
beat her severely injuring her eyes and knocking several of her teeth out.

A report in May said that M iyati had retracted earlier accusations that her
sponsor tied her up and tortured her. Consequently she was charged with
making false allegations against her sponsor.

The embassy was surprised by that report and asked for a reinvestigation
because they claimed that Miyati was mentally unstable and under pressure
because the embassy staff, her lawyer and the National Society for Human
Rights were denied access to her during the investigation. Her sponsor and
his wife were charged with assault and mistreatment; he was released from
jail on bail and both are awaiting trial.


Former Worldcom boss Bernard Ebbers wept openly as he was sentenced to 25
years in jail for his part in the scandal which brought down the firm.
Mr Ebbers was found guilty of fraud and conspiracy in March, following
revelations of an $11bn (£6.2bn) accounting fraud at Worldcom in 2002.

The 63-year-old was also guilty of seven counts of filing false documents.

The sentence was handed down by federal judge Barbara Jones, who earlier
this week rejected his bid for a new trial.

The sentence was the toughest yet in a string of corporate scandals in the

Mr Ebbers did not address the court. Instead, he wiped his eyes with a white
tissue. Meanwhile, Kristie Ebbers, his wife, cried quietly.

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