Monday, February 07, 2005

07 feb 2005

avast! Antivirus: Outbound message clean.

Virus Database (VPS): 0505-2, 02/05/2005
Tested on: 2/7/2005 1:59:50 PM
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increase your hotmail space.... just follow the following points.

Initially it will be upgraded to 25 mb and after 30 days it will be upgraded
to 250 mb.

1) login ur hotmail account and go to options.
2) go to personal
3) click my profile
4) change country to united states wait for browser to load united states
5) change the state to new york and zip code 10025
6) click update
7) click continue
8) go to language and make sure its english
9)paste this link in the same browser.

10) wait until the screen says you re hotmail is closed and ready to be
deleted. click close account . go back to login page and relogin to ur
hotmail account..!!
11) Click Activate
12) Then Click I Accept, after this don't check mark any of the boxes in the
screen, just say continue.
Thats All!

your account size will now increase to 25 mb which a mnth later becomes 250


The Word of the Day for Feb 06 is:
placate \PLAY-kayt\ verb

: to soothe or mollify especially by concessions : appease
Example sentence:
After his baseball crashed through his neighbor's window, Jared tried to
placate the angry man by offering to replace the window with his own money.
Did you know?
The earliest documented uses of "placate" in English date from the late 17th
century. The word is derived from the Latin "placatus," the past participle
of "placare," and even after more than 300 years in English it still carries
the basic meaning of its Latin ancestor: "to soothe" or "to appease." Other
"placare" descendants in English are "implacable" (meaning "not easily
soothed or satisfied") and "placation" ("the act of soothing or appeasing").
Even "please" itself, derived from the Latin "placere" ("to please"), is a
distant relative of "placate."


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